HSM 4769 on x64 servers

This page contains charts that show x64 servers, operating systems, and CCA versions for the IBM 4769. For x64 servers, the IBM 4769 is ordered as an IBM Z® machine type-model 4769-001. The charts do not imply that the operating systems will work under all combinations of hardware and software.

IBM 4767 PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor

Compatibility chart of supported operating systems for IBM 4769

IBM supported operating systems (64-bit)

Minimum required CCA release

RHEL 8.3


The 4769 can be used in any x64 server that has at least one PCIe slot capable of accepting a half-height, half-length PCIe card and that meets the power and environmental requirements specified in the Environmental requirements section of the IBM 4769 Data Sheet (PDF, 383 KB). The compatibility chart of supported operating systems above lists the operating systems that have been tested with and are supported by IBM with CCA releases on the IBM 4769.

Note: Using an IBM 4769 in a server that does not meet these requirements voids the warranty.