IBM PCIeCC product support

This page provides product support information for customers of IBM’s PCIe hardware security module (HSM) Cryptographic Coprocessor Version 1 (PCIeCC).

Note: IBM no longer sells the PCIeCC. See Hardware Withdrawal: IBM Cryptographic Coprocessor for more information.

The PCIeCC is supported on these platforms:

  • IBM Z® mainframes as crypto feature Crypto Express4S (CEX4S), feature code (FC) 0865, and as Crypto Express 3C (CEX3C), FC 0864,
  • IBM-approved x86 servers as an IBM Z machine type-model 4765-001 (4765), and
  • IBM Power Systems™ (System p or System i®) POWER6® and POWER7® servers.

See IBM PCIeCC Overview for a list of supported operating systems.

The following lists topics related to the PCIeCC and a link for each topic to a page or downloadable PDF that provides information on that topic. The topics are grouped by hardware, software, and information of a general nature.

IBM PCIecc product support


Use this list of hardware topics to find out how to: