How to contact IBM for Crypto support

This page describes how to contact IBM for Crypto support about any of IBM’s cryptographic hardware products. It also describes how to purchase several add-on features that are available for these products.

Contact Crypto

IBM currently supports these Hardware Security Modules (HSMs):
PCIeCC3 (the latest generation) on IBM Z, and the PCIeCC2 and PCIeCC (on IBM Z, Power Systems, and x86 servers). Use the following links to learn more about IBM’s cryptographic coprocessors on each platform:

IBM Power SystemsTM

x86 servers

Machine type-model or feature code by HSM version and platform

The table below shows the feature, feature code (FC), or machine type-model (MTM) for each version of IBM HSM based on platform.

IBM PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor IBM Z feature IBM Power Systems™ feature code for AIX® and System i® x86 server MTM
Version 3 (PCIeCC3) FC 0893 - Crypto Express6S (CEX6S) Only on z14® N/A N/A
Version 2 (PCIeCC2) FC 0890 - Crypto Express5S (CEX5S) 
Only on z14, z13s™, and z13®

FC EJ32 (IBM POWER8®, Customer Card Identification Number 4767, without blind-swap cassette custom carrier) 

FC EJ33 (IBM POWER8®, Customer Card Identification Number 4767, with blind-swap cassette custom carrier)

MTM 4767-002
Version 1 (PCIeCC)

FC 0865 - Crypto Express4S (CEX4S) Excluding z14, z13s, and z13

FC 0864 - Crypto Express3 (CEX3) Excluding z14, z13s, and z13

FC EJ27(not a blind-swap cassette)

FC EJ28 (IBM POWER6® generation-3 blind-swap cassette and instruction EC N23386)

FC EJ29 (IBM POWER7® generation-4 blind-swap and instruction EC N23597)

MTM 4765-001


Contact method based on platform

Refer to the table below to determine how to contact IBM with a comment or question about any of IBM Systems’ cryptographic hardware products.

Platform Hardware support Software support HSM feature, FC, or MTM
IBM Z (includes ICSF and TKE customers) Open a Problem Management Hardware (PMH) on IBM REmote Technical Assistance Information Network (RETAIN) Open a Problem Management Record (PMR) on RETAIN Feature CEX6S, CEX5S, CEX4S, or CEX3C
Power Systems (IBM AIX, IBM i) Power Systems support IBM AIX support, IBM i support FC EJ32, EJ33, EJ27, EJ28, or EJ29
x86 server Send email to * Send email to * MTM 4767-002 or 4765-001
Not platform specific N/A Send email to * PCIeCC3, PCIeCC2, or PCIeCC


*The Crypto support team is located in the Eastern USA. This team monitors email several times each business day. Normally you can expect a response within one business day. To expedite your request please include the following information as appropriate:

  • Name, address, and telephone number
  • Company name
  • Host computer machine type and model
  • Operating system and release level
  • CCA release
  • Your question or comment
  • If possible, for any questions on Linux, the output from a run of the csu_snap utility. The csu_snap utility is provided with CCA on Linux for the IBM 4767 and IBM 4765.
  • If possible, for any questions on Windows, the Windows System Event log for the time in question.