Application modernization, business transformation and cloud migration are significantly increasing container security solution adoption. Yet, application containers can introduce a new set of threat risks that require specialized security in areas like image, registries, orchestrators and hosts.

Getting the right level of visibility into the container environment can be a problem when cloud service providers (CSPs) don’t offer this by default.


Identify vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities in containers

Pinpoint and catch container vulnerabilities before they multiply throughout your environment. 

Consolidate images

Consolidate images in container registry

Mitigate the risk of container images vulnerabilities on public registries through discovery and remediation.

Automate security

Automate container security with orchestrators

Tools and expertise to help automate the deployment, management, scaling, and networking of your containers 

Remediate hosts

Secured container hosts and remediation

Remediate container host vulnerabilities with visibility into the installed software that interacts with the underlying hardware. 

Container security capabilities

Container security can be addressed from initial planning through ongoing management:

  • Comprehensive advisory and consulting services
  • Secure app development to bring security and DevOps together
  • Automated vulnerability management
  • Proactive, centralized monitoring and threat management
  • Application policy management and optimization
  • Container security governance


Container security services

Container security services

Assessment, solution design, implementation and managed security services for all phases of container lifecycle.

Cloud penetration testing for containers

Penetration testing for your applications, images, configurations, containers, developers and more.

Container security platforms

Hybrid cloud security platform with Red Hat® OpenShift®

Gain insights into threats and risks and respond faster with automation across hybrid, multicloud environments.

Secure cloud-native and container-based applications

Container security platform that provides full visibility and control over cloud-native applications

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud container platform

A fully managed Red Hat® OpenShift® service leverages the enterprise scale and security of IBM Cloud® to help you automate updating, scaling and provisioning.

Secure container orchestration

Develop modern cloud-native applications that are scalable and portable across a hybrid IT environment.


Threat modeling in a container environment

As organizations turn to hybrid solutions, an increasing number of businesses are turning to container orchestration to provide a seamless solution to computing between environments.

Containerization explained

Explore the history of containerization technology, the benefits and advantages of utilizing the technology, and how it related to virtualization.

Container development resources

Automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

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