Safeguard apps with static and dynamic testing across their lifecycle

In today’s increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, the ramifications of under-secured web, mobile, cloud and open source applications can be dire. And since applications can compromise security across your entire organization, adopting an application security strategy that can protect apps throughout the development lifecycle needs to be a top priority.

IBM® Security AppScan® and IBM Application Security on Cloud enhance web and mobile application security, improve application security program management and strengthen regulatory compliance for organizations of any size.

Dynamic analysis (DAST), static analysis (SAST) and open-source testing help you identify risks, create prioritized remediation plans, and drive precise, actionable results.

Why IBM Security AppScan

Identify and fix vulnerabilities

Identify and fix vulnerabilities

Reduce risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle.

Maximize remediation efforts

Maximize remediation efforts

Classify and prioritize application assets based on business impact and identify high-risk areas.

Decrease likelihood of attacks

Decrease likelihood of attacks

Test applications prior to deployment and for ongoing risk assessment in production environments.

Application security solutions

IBM AppScan solutions provide preemptive protection for mobile, web and cloud applications. They secure apps against malicious use today and help you remediate potential attacks in the future.

IBM Application Security on Cloud

Identify, prioritize and remediate dozens of today's most pervasive published security vulnerabilities with cloud-based application security solution.

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise

Perform app scanning, mitigate application security risk, strengthen application security program management initiatives and achieve regulatory compliance.

IBM Security AppScan Source

Lower costs and reduce risk exposure by identifying vulnerabilities early in the development cycle.

IBM Security AppScan Standard

Reduce the likelihood of web application attacks and data breaches by automating application vulnerability testing.

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