IBM Open XL C/C++ compiler features

Based on open-source LLVM framework

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Fully incorporates the Clang and LLVM compiler infrastructure for C/C++. Combines open-source technology and IBM's strength in compiler optimization technology.

Supports current C/C++ language standards

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Supports up to C17, C18 and C++17 language standard features.

Advanced optimization technology that supports the latest IBM Z server

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Supports the hardware features in the latest IBM z16™ servers. Delivers hardware level capabilities directly to you through compiler options.

Provides cross platform compatibility

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Adopts the Clang command line interface, which improves cross platform compatibility for C/C++ applications on z/OS.

Supports high-performance mathematical computing libraries

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Supports the OpenBLAS library for high-performance mathematical computing.

Supports 64-bit and runs on z/OS UNIX System Service

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Open XL C/C++ is a 64-bit compiler that runs on z/OS UNIX System Services. Supports EBCDIC and ASCII execution character sets and generates AMODE 64 code, making it ideal for z/OS UNIX users porting applications from distributed platforms.

IBM z/OS XL C/C++ compiler features

METAL C for system programming capabilities

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Provides the METAL option to support system program development on z/OS. Organizations with limited High Level Assembler (HLASM) skills can develop optimized system programs using high level C language syntax. Programmers can more quickly target system programs written in Metal C to new IBM Z architectures by recompiling to include optimizations for the target system.

Support for program diagnosis and debug

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Increases programmer productivity and lowers maintenance costs by diagnosing potential language semantics adherence while controlling reliable code generation. Examines, monitors, and controls the execution of C and C++ programs with the information that is consumable by standard symbolic debugging tools, including IBM Debug for z/OS and dbx.

Industry standards support

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Conforms to C89, C99, C++98, C++03 and supports the core C11 standard and most of the C++11 and C++14 standards, enabling straightforward porting and consolidation of C/C++ applications to z/OS for improved platform performance. The XL C/C++ compiler also provides various GNU C/C++ language extensions and compatibility features for ease of migration of applications built with GNU C/C++ to z/OS. OpenMP 3.1 parallelization directives are offered for improved parallel programming.

Support for automatic SIMDization optimization

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Supports the automatic SIMDization or automatic vectorization optimization that uses single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) instructions to automatically generate SIMD code so that you do not have to handle the complexity of parallel programming.

Advanced optimization technology

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Provides state-of-the-art compilation technology for improved application performance. The compiler supports multiple optimization levels to tailor the optimization aggressiveness for your applications. Advanced optimization techniques, such as high-order transformation (HOT) loop optimization, interprocedural analysis (IPA) optimization, and profile-directed feedback (PDF) optimization, can result in significant performance improvements.

High-performance mathematical computing libraries

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The Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem (MASS) library can be used for accelerated execution of elementary math functions and serve as a higher performance alternative to the standard math library that is part of the z/OS XL C/C++ Runtime. The Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS) library provides linear algebra function support for Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS) and Linear Algebra PACKage (LAPACK) functions routinely used in business analytics and optimization solutions.

Integration with IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS

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IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS provides a core set of tools to create and maintain applications for z/OS environments. The compiler integrates with the following tools that are included in this product: IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition tools, which include IBM Debug for z/OS, IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS, and IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS.

Support for embedded CICS and SQL statements

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Simplifies the operation of C/C++ within CICS and Db2 environments with support for embedded CICS and SQL statements in C/C++ source that are passed through without the need for a preprocessing step.