Announcing support for Go V1.18

Build fast and scalable applications on IBM z/OS

IBM® Open Enterprise SDK for Go is an industry-standard Go compiler that brings a powerful framework for building fast and scalable applications to the z/OS® platform. It enables IBM Z® clients to take advantage of this enormously popular and growing technology to power digital transformation.

The rich Go ecosystem of packages enables clients to develop and run new applications, especially those that enable the cloud on z/OS. Because of the ecosystem of Go modules and the small size of the language's syntax, application developers typically can deliver Go applications in a shorter time and with fewer new lines of code, resulting in lower costs.


Bring Go to z/OS

Go is one of the most popular programming languages, and Z clients can now develop applications with Go on z/OS.

Cloud Native Development

Go is essential for clients who need to streamline automation operations for multicloud, hybrid IT and DevOps environment.

A compiled language

Go source code for applications is converted into machine-level code that can be executed directly by z/OS, rather than through an interpreter.

Scalability, concurrency and parallelism

Go is designed to support scalability, with goroutines and channels to raise concurrency to true parallel programming.


Go combines the best features of other programming language into one easy-to-understand language.

Garbage collection

The Go language performs garbage collection, or automatic memory management, with extensive control over memory allocation.

Open Enterprise SDK for Go features

  • Bring Go to z/OS
  • No license charge
  • Access the Go Standard Library
  • Get additional packages using Go modules
  • Take advantage of open source
  • Get Value Unit-based pricing
  • Support for access to VSAM data sets

Which option is right for you?

PAX edition

PAX archive installable format for a DIY installation. Use your existing IBMid for access or create one upon registration.

SMP/E edition

SMP/E (CBPDO, ServerPac) installable format can easily manage updates. Recommended for production deployments. Available through Shopz.