Identity fabric
Building a product-agnostic identity fabric helps enterprises reduce the complexity of identity management
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As cloud migration and digital transformation continue to accelerate, organizations can be left unprepared for many of the new identity challenges:

  • A proliferation of multicloud environments, each with their own identity solutions
  • Complexities of traditional systems
  • Fragmented identity silos
  • Inconsistent user experiences and security controls
  • Lack of real-time visibility into user behaviors across the identity landscape

IBM Security® Verify provides the foundational building blocks that can enable clients to build an effective identity fabric, consisting of both IBM and existing third-party solutions. It helps you:

  • Extend modern authentication mechanisms to traditional apps with no-code changes, which helps create a consistent user experience across all applications
  • Eliminate identity silos with a single, authoritative directory
  • Improve security posture through real-time behavioral risk-based authentication and biometric risk assessment
EMA 2024 Impact Brief on IBM Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Solving today’s identity challenges with an identity fabric

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What you can do
Vendor-neutral authoritative directory Eliminate identity silos

The IBM Security Verify Directory consolidates the directory and delivers a single source of truth, management and enforcement to unlock more intelligence, insightful use cases, threat detection and a successful identity fabric solution. These can help drive cost reduction and efficiency while decreasing shadow IT. 

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No-code integrations Seamlessly integrate apps into modern authentication workflows

IBM Security® Application Gateway provides no-code integrations that allow traditional applications to use advanced authentication capabilities, such as passkeys. This offers an integrated view of user flows across all applications, which helps reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance. 

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AI-powered authentication Enable AI-powered continuous authentication and real-time risk-based authentication

IBM Security® Verify Trust provides a dynamic, adaptive security layer to any existing IAM solution. Powered by AI, Verify Trust delivers accurate and continuous risk-based access protection against the latest account takeover techniques. It combines global intelligence, user behavioral biometrics, authentication results, network data, account history and a wide range of device risk detection capabilities.

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