IBM Security Application Gateway
Easily extend modern authentication capabilities to legacy applications without requiring code changes.
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Modernize authentication mechanisms for legacy applications

As organizations modernize IAM solutions, legacy applications are often abandoned due to the lack of funding, time, or the ability to modify existing application authentication flows. IBM Application Gateway:

  • Extends your modern advanced authentication capabilities, like Passkeys, to legacy applications with no-code integrations
  • It allows enterprises to create a consistent user experience across all applications
  • Creates an integrated view of user flows to help reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance
  • Product-agnostic and configures in minutes, seamlessly integrating with all major identity providers
  • Includes native Kubernetes integrations for performance, scalability and configuration, and has no additional dependencies
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Benefits Easily update legacy applications

Application Gateway seamlessly integrates with all major Identity providers, including IBM Security Verify, Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, Ping and any compliant OIDC OP, extending modern authentication mechanisms to legacy applications with no code integrations.

Create a positive and consistent user experience

With no code integrations Application Gateway enables users to log into legacy applications with the same authentication they use for modern applications.

Improved security posture

Easily manage and enforce consistent user policies, comply with changing regulations, and gain a holistic view of identities across your enterprise without adding budget or upskilling.

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