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Strengthening security can create friction for your employees and consumers. IBM Security™ Verify Trust software provides deep risk assessment to IAM systems, keeping discord to a minimum. Based on the IBM Security™ Trusteer® risk engine, Verify Trust helps to protect against malicious actors while balancing multifactor authentication (MFA) requirements.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2024

In 2023, organizations saw a 71% spike in cyberattacks caused by exploiting identities. Check out the new report to learn how to best safeguard identities.


EMA 2024 Impact Brief on IBM Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Benefits Build on existing investments

Integrate with your IAM system to configure adaptive access without starting from scratch.

Improve customer satisfaction

Provide frictionless digital experiences to reduce abandonment and improve brand reputation.

Reduce MFA rate

Higher confidence in risk detection helps to limit false positives and unwarranted MFA prompts.

Deepen trust

Holistic risk context evaluated using AI and machine learning helps provide more secure authentication.

Common use cases

Build modern CIAM experiences Implement zero trust design principles behind the scenes to confidently allow access for genuine, low-risk consumers.

Protect against account takeover Detect suspicious activity to challenge or block unauthorized account access.

Shield remote workers from attacks Help prevent malware and phishing attempts to gain access to credentials.

Features Anomaly detection

Uncover deviations based on device hygiene, network characteristics and behavioral biometrics.

Fraud patterns

Identify fraudulent patterns like spoofing attributes, malware infections and non-human behavior.

Consortium data

Benefit from new targeted protections continually deployed by the IBM Security research consortium.


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