Azure cost optimization with IBM Turbonomic
Automatically optimize Azure VMs, disks, SQL, AKS, RI inventory and costs based on real-time demand with Turbonomic for Azure
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Accelerating Azure optimization

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s infrastructure platform for the public cloud. The IBM® Turbonomic® platform integrates with Azure through an Azure service principal and leverages Azure Resource Manager.

The Turbonomic platform continuously generates actions that optimize Azure VMs, databases and disks based on real-time demand. Its prescribed actions help ensure performance, while minimizing cost. Additionally, the Turbonomic platform manages your reserved instances (RI) inventory and directs actions that maximize RI utilization and coverage, all through the lens of application performance.

Note: In order to enable Azure RI awareness and negotiated rates, you must provide the Turbonomic platform with access to the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement rates through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement target.

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The Turbonomic Azure integration

  • SaaS or on-prem

  • Agentlessly connects to your Azure account(s) via API with read only credentials

  • Integrates with Azure Resource Manager to pull all metrics and metadata

  • Discovers Azure entities and begins generating optimization actions within 60 minutes 

Entities discovered
  • Virtual machines (Azure VMs)

Metrics discovered
  • VM vCPU

  • VM vMemory (if enabled)

  • VM storage access (IOPS)

  • VM net throughput

  • VM I/O throughput

  • VM storage amount

  • VM reserved instance coverage

  • Database vMemory

  • Database vCPU

  • Database storage amount

  • Database I/O throughput

  • Database cache hit rate

  • Database connections

  • RI inventory

  • RI coverage (VMs)

Optimization actions generated
  • Scale Azure VM up/down to different type or tier (including RIs)

  • Stop/start Azure VM (known as ‘parking’)

  • Scale disks up/down

  • Delete unattached disks

  • Scale database up/down

  • Suspend database (dedicated SQL pools)

  • Buy RI for region

Azure cost optimization 
  • Maximize utilization of existing reserved instances and savings plans, and identify opportunities to increase discount coverage

  • Support rapid release cycles by modeling and optimizing costs through “what if” planning scenarios

  • Cost-consciously auto-scale to match workload demands, eliminating underutilization and overprovisioning while maintaining performance

Migration planning for Azure 
  • Model and compare the performance and cost implications of both “lift-and-shift” and optimized migration plans, mapping your existing workloads to best fit Azure VMs and disk families and types—as they are, and then optimized

  • Foster collaboration between cloud, application and DevOps teams around a single source of data

  • Accelerate workloads onto Azure through scalable, repeatable processes for future workload migrations and cloud consolidations

Natively cloud native Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) support 
  • Automatically discover and map interdependencies between AKS services, containers, specs, pods, workload controllers, namespaces, clusters and virtual machines 

  • Continuously optimize Kubernetes performance and cost via automated container rightsizing, pod moves, cluster scaling and planning

Self-optimizing resource management for Azure and everything else

Turbonomic’s full-stack visualization, intelligent automation, AI-powered insights, and patented abstraction enable you to manage all of your organization's Azure accounts—in addition to other public cloud and on-premises data center environments—from a single pane of glass.

Cloud cost optimization

Contain cloud spend while preserving application performance with automatable cloud cost optimization tools.

Cloud migration planning

Expedite cloud migration initiatives with accurate, easy-to-use cloud migration planning capabilities.

Kubernetes optimization

Optimize Kubernetes automation for cost-effective attainment of service level objectives.

More public cloud integrations

Microsoft Azure integration is one of several public cloud integrations available for the IBM Turbonomic platform. Connect to public cloud tooling to optimize your environment, including reserved instances inventory, with continuously generated actions based on real-time demand.

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It’s time you Turbo

Start your journey to continuous application performance while safely reducing cost.

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