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Use real-time automation and performance analytics to proactively optimize application resourcing, ensure performance and save money
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The IBM® Turbonomic® platform’s application resource management (ARM) capabilities offer a solution to the challenges businesses face due to increasingly complex applications. Using real-time automation and performance analytics, teams can proactively optimize the allocation of compute, storage and network resources at every layer of the stack. This capability eliminates the need for reactive measures and overprovisioning, ultimately saving time and money.

With a comprehensive understanding of application demand and a common data model, the Turbonomic platform ensures continuous application resourcing actions and performance. The platform enables businesses to confidently resource their current and future applications—whether on premises, in the cloud, or on the edge—24 hours a day, every day of the year.

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Full-stack visualization The Turbonomic platform employs a patented top-down approach that seamlessly connects your business-critical applications to the underlying resources throughout your entire infrastructure, from applications to containers to storage. Whether in the cloud or on premises, the platform provides comprehensive visibility and control over compute, storage and network resources at every layer. Learn more

Intelligent automation The Turbonomic platform provides trustworthy and continuously automated actions that enable organizations to gain speed, elasticity and cost savings. By proactively making resourcing decisions, the platform mitigates performance risks, reduces cloud environment waste and promotes greater efficiency. Learn more
AI-powered insights The Turbonomic platform’s application resource management solutions utilize AI-powered analytics to generate actionable insights for IT automation. These insights drive specific, automatable actions that dynamically resource applications to meet performance requirements and business policies. With customizable dashboards that provide real-time scorecards, the platform enables detailed monitoring and facilitates informed decision-making for preventive, preemptive and precise optimization of the environment. Learn more

Benefits Learn how your organization can ensure application performance at the lowest possible cost.  Book a live demo Reduced costs

By continuously analyzing resource utilization at every layer of the stack, Turbonomic software identifies inefficiencies and generates actions to optimize resource allocation. This proactive approach helps teams accurately, and automatically, provision their environments, reducing unnecessary expenses associated with idle or underutilized resources.

Ensured application performance

Identify potential bottlenecks and constraints in real time by analyzing the performance of an application and its underlying resources. Ensure that applications have the necessary compute, storage and network resources to operate at peak performance by generating actions to allocate resources dynamically. Streamline user experience and maximize productivity.

Reclaimed time

A proactive approach to application resource management, which identifies and addresses potential issues before they impact performance, improves workflow by reducing the time teams spend on reactive troubleshooting and problem solving. Turbonomic software’s automation capabilities also significantly reduce time spent on manual processes.

Case studies SulAmérica

Using the Turbonomic platform and its automation capabilities, SulAmérica improved performance and efficiency. As part of this new standard of control, the team also dynamically managed resources across the application lifecycle.


Komatsu implemented AI-powered automation in the public cloud with IBM Turbonomic, optimizing its public cloud strategy, improving performance, reducing waste, and minimizing user complaints.

J.B. Hunt

Fortune 500 transportation leader safely migrated from one cloud to another and assured app performance with IBM Turbonomic. J.B. Hunt leveraged full-stack visibility and AI-powered resourcing decisions, to reduce waste and ensure application performance.

Related use cases Cloud cost optimization

Use the Turbonomic platform's AI-powered automation and cloud cost optimization solutions to continuously help ensure application performance (both traditional and cloud-native) and optimize cloud infrastructure costs.

Data center modernization

Turbonomic software automatically optimizes your applications' resourcing levels while dynamically scaling with business needs in real time. With a modernization strategy you get a more efficient data center and better business outcomes.

Kubernetes optimization

Turbonomic software automatically determines the right resource allocation actions–and when to make them—to help ensure that your Kubernetes environments and mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to meet your SLOs.

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