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Modernize data center management with intelligent resource allocation, capacity planning and automated performance assurance
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It’s time for a modern data center strategy

With the proliferation of cloud service platforms promising greater elasticity and savings, many organizations are updating their IT infrastructure and moving workloads out of existing on-prem data centers. If your data center infrastructure costs are up, utilization is down, and overprovisioning is sideways, it’s time to rethink your data center strategy.

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform can help you reimagine the data center as the next-gen hero of your ecosystem. Turbonomic software automatically optimizes your applications’ resourcing levels while dynamically scaling with business needs in real time. With a modernization strategy you get a more efficient data center and better business outcomes.

Automating application resourcing

Continuous compute placement Turbonomic software continuously analyzes app demand and resource supply levels. It generates automatable actions that reduce the potential for resource congestion, reduce the impact of latency, and safely use all hardware without putting performance at risk.

VM rightsizing Use rightsizing to safely increase density and avoid resource contention from oversized allocation. When appropriately sizing virtual machines (VMs), Turbonomic software considers VM virtual memory, CPU, storage, IOPS and latency, as well as demand across the stack.
Continuous storage placement Turbonomic software understands the experience each workload gets from storage, and the relationship storage has to the availability and performance of the underlying array. This enables the software to optimize the storage device by moving data at the virtualization layer without disrupting performance or forcing a reconfiguration of the array itself.

Proactive capacity management Turbonomic software uses an accurate view of the real-time environment to simulate changes you define, such as how much physical infrastructure is needed to support growth or migrate workloads. With continuous data center automation and optimization in place, you can run any simulation your team can dream up.

Optimized super clusters At any given time, your server clusters probably don’t have a balanced amount of free space. To combat that, Turbonomic software enables you to create “super clusters,” or virtual pools that unlock the total cumulative resource amount by allowing workloads to move between clusters when demand increases. This delivers more elasticity, better performance and improved cloud economics right in your data center.

Key outcomes

Put data center uptime on autopilot
  • Understand all interdependencies between applications and infrastructure, proactively identify bottlenecks and automate corrective actions to enhance performance and availability

  • Accelerate decision making for your site reliability and operations teams from days down to seconds

  • Manage legacy virtualization and next-generation microservices through a single pane-of-glass

Automate real-time IT resource optimization
  • Enhance efficiency and increase infrastructure density with AI-driven, application-aware analytics

  • Optimize IT resources both in real time and through advanced “what if?” capacity planning scenarios

  • Eliminate over-provisioning and automate rightsizing operations aligned to your business cycles

Align data center and application teams with transparent automation
  • Eliminate complexity with a unified model of application and infrastructure health

  • Bridge the gap between infrastructure and applications teams with an explainable, auditable view of IT resource decision making on a per application component basis

  • Make “war room” productive leveraging Turbonomic’s specific remediating actions and transparent automation at any level of your application-infrastructure stack

Seamless integrations


Turbonomic seamlessly and agentlessly integrates with your legacy and next-generation data center technologies, enabling rapid auto-discovery and time-to-value:

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Data center consolidation

Why consolidate?

There are many reasons to consolidate data center hardware and move toward broader data center optimization including cost savings, improved efficiency and greater security. Simply put, with less hardware there is less to purchase, maintain, manage and monitor. Plus, an improved data center can set you up for a more successful digital transformation.

Whether your organization is looking to consolidate data centers for an upcoming cloud migration, consolidate within an existing private, public, hybrid cloud or multicloud environment or be more efficient on-premises, the Turbonomic platform can help accelerate the process. Turbonomic software plans out your data center transformation for you and helps ensure the performance of mission-critical applications throughout the process.

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Our plans help organizations understand what hardware they can or should keep. In planning, Turbonomic software takes the efficiencies of different hardware and depreciation schedules into account, plugging in tags to indicate when leases expire. With a data center consolidation, organizations generally start by consolidating onto fewer hosts, and then consolidate to fewer data centers. We offer plans for both processes:  

Optimize on-prem plan

  • This plan allows users to scale or move virtual machines and consolidate hardware.

Hardware refresh plan

  • This plan allows users to see how many new hosts they will need when they upgrade. 

Host decommission plan

  • This plan allows users to see whether they can support their current load if they shut down a host.

Before choosing a plan, organizations should consider resizing test/dev to get more out of their hardware.


Consolidation aims to minimize downtime and optimize data center hardware and resource usage. Once you’ve consolidated onto fewer hosts, you might want to move to fewer data centers. By creating the appropriate policies to merge clusters (even between vCenters and data centers), virtual machines can be live migrated to their new destination. 

Merge clusters plan

  • This plan allows users to create a supercluster to leverage their hardware.

Virtual machine migration plan

  • This plan allows users to move machines from one cluster to another.

Because we are able to rely on IBM Turbonomic’s AI-powered automation to assure application performance 24x7, our team can now focus their efforts on pursuing strategic initiatives rather than fighting fires. Porsche Waddell Server and Storage Manager BBC Studios Ready the case study
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The Turbonomic platform provides continuous optimization that you can safely automate. This makes it an ideal platform for cloud operations and engineering teams adopting FinOps to reduce spend, ensure performance and maximize business value.

Sustainable IT

The Turbonomic platform uses intelligent automation to increase utilization, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and promote sustainability.

Cloud cost optimization

Use the Turbonomic platform’s AI-powered automation and cloud cost optimization solutions to continuously help ensure application performance (both traditional and cloud-native) and optimize cloud infrastructure costs.

It’s time you Turbo

Start your journey to continuous application performance while safely reducing cost.

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