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Reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing the data center

You’ve committed to reducing your organization’s environmental footprint but face many questions as you pursue your sustainability goals. Pressure to address sustainable IT strategies and ESG initiatives while balancing revenue, risk and driving shareholder returns presents a challenge.

Now you can make an immediate impact on energy use by optimizing how you allocate IT infrastructure resources to applications throughout your ecosystem. When applications consume only what they need to perform, you can increase utilization, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and achieve continuously efficient operations. The IBM® Turbonomic® platform uses intelligent automation to help you do just that.

Learn how digital technologies can help operationalize sustainability for the CIO
Sustainable IT dashboard key features
Usage Understand current usage 

The sustainable IT dashboard gives information technology admins visibility into data center power and energy consumption as well as its estimated carbon footprint.

Actions  Execute sustainable actions

View how actions taken on the Turbonomic platform have reduced energy use and carbon impact without sacrificing application performance. Also view projections that show the energy and emissions impact of potential actions, such as suspending unused hosts (after safely consolidating workloads onto fewer hosts).

Compliance  Compare CO2e emissions

The sustainable IT dashboard also compares the equivalence of your CO2e emissions for context.

How to operationalize green IT IT sustainability on premises

Leverage automation to drive on-prem circular economy strategies that extend hardware lifecycles and minimize e-waste.

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Infrastructure energy efficiency

Consolidate data center assets to create CapEx cost savings and make more effective purchases geared for sustainable infrastructure growth.

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Cloud computing and environmental sustainability

Select cloud providers with consideration for greenhouse gas emissions metrics and apply artificial intelligence-powered decision making to your sustainability efforts in the cloud.

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IBM Turbonomic can help you make sure you are fully utilizing and optimizing your infrastructure to simultaneously assure performance and minimize cost, both financially and environmentally. Colin Holyoake Certified Datacenter Design and Sustainability Manager IBM Hursley
Green IT resources
Accelerating FinOps and Sustainable IT

IT executives across industries face increasing pressure to maximize business value and ensure environmentally sustainable growth. Explore how cloud and IT operations teams can collaborate to navigate customer experience, budget and sustainability goals.  

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PeerPaper Report 2023: Achieving Sustainable IT with IBM Turbonomic

In the fight against climate change, IT leaders play a critical role in advancing their organizations’ sustainability initiatives. IT operations must reduce emissions and environmental impact without impacting business operations. Download this report to learn how IBM Turbonomic users meet their green IT and digital transformation goals.

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Use the Turbonomic platform’s AI-powered automation and cloud cost optimization solutions to continuously help ensure application performance (both traditional and cloud-native) and optimize costs.
Kubernetes optimization
Turbonomic software automatically determines the right resource allocation actions—and when to make them—to help ensure your Kubernetes environments and mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to meet your SLOs.
Data center modernization
Turbonomic software automatically optimizes your applications’ resourcing levels while dynamically scaling with business needs in real time. With a modernization strategy you get a more efficient data center and better business outcomes.
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