IBM® Storage Networking SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6

Maximize performance with IBM SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6

The IBM® Storage Networking SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6 directors with Fabric Vision technology combine innovative hardware, software and built-in instrumentation to ensure high levels of operational stability and redefine application performance. Fabric Vision technology enhances visibility into the health of storage environments, delivering greater control and insight to quickly identify problems and achieve critical service level agreements (SLAs). The modular building block increases scalability to accommodate growth for large-scale enterprise infrastructures.

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Shatter application performance barriers

Increase performance and support high-density, high-performance server virtualization, cloud architecture and flash with 32 Gbps port speeds and up to 1 billion IOPS, based on IBM internal testing.

Consolidate infrastructure

Consolidate infrastructure with high-density solutions built with 128 Gbps UltraScale Inter-Chassis Links (ICL) connectivity for simpler, flatter, low-latency fabrics without using any device ports.

Simplify management

Simplify end-to-end management of large-scale environments by automating monitoring and diagnostics.

Future-proof your technology

Seamlessly integrate next-generation flash based on non-volatile memory express (NVMe) flash with current and future b-type Gen 6 Fibre Channel networks and mitigate risk with backward compatibility.

Simplify configuration automation

Simplify configuration automation and enable integrated advanced services across the fabric with standard Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs).

Key features of IBM Storage Networking b-type Gen 6 directors

IO Insight with integrated network sensors

Gain deeper insight into the performance of your network to maintain service level agreement (SLA) compliance and diagnose input/output (I/O) operational issues with individual device monitoring. The network sensors also enable tuning of device configurations with integrated I/O metrics to optimize storage performance.

Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS)

Use the Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS) to simplify fabric-wide threshold configuration, monitoring and alerting with prebuilt, rule-/policy-based templates.

Leverage the predefined MAPS policies to automatically detect and alert administrators to different latency severity levels, and to identify slow-drain devices that could impact network performance.


Utilize the integrated, at-a-glance views that display an overall SAN health view, along with details on out-of-range conditions.

Configuration and operational monitoring

Simplify deployment, safeguard consistency and increase operational efficiencies of larger environments with automated switch and fabric configuration services found in the Configuration and Operational Monitoring Policy Automation Services Suite (COMPASS).

ClearLink Diagnostics

Ensure optical and signal integrity for Fibre Channel optics and cables, simplifying deployment and support of high-performance fabrics.