Modern SAN infrastructure for mission-critical storage

IBM® Gen7 Fibre Channel is the modern storage network infrastructure for mission-critical storage, enabling organizations to realize a self-learning, self-optimizing, and self-healing autonomous SAN. It combines powerful analytics and advanced automation capabilities to accelerate data access, adapt to evolving requirements, and drive always-on business operations.
IBM® Storage Networking SAN512B-7 and SAN256B-7 directors with Gen7 Fibre Channel and Fabric Vision technology is the foundational building block to realize the autonomous SAN for the on-demand data center. Ultra-low latency and up to 64Gb/s port bandwidth provide the highest level of performance for NVMe workloads. With data-center-proven reliability, seamless scalability, integrated analytics, and automation, they maximize the performance, productivity, and efficiency of storage investments and resources.

IBM Gen7 Fibre Channel


Modern modular building block designed for enterprise deployments

Designed to meet continuous data growth and critical application demands, the Gen7 Directors are purpose-built to power large-scale storage environments that require increased capacity, greater throughput, and higher levels of resiliency.

Analyze the SAN to optimize performance and reliability

Gen7 technology enables a self-optimizing SAN that proactively monitors and shapes traffic patterns and automatically prioritizes traffic streams to optimize application performance and reliability.

Automate the SAN to simplify management complexity

The Gen 7 Directors can automate actions to simplify management and resolve issues without intervention to avoid network disruptions and outages.

Instant visibility and simplified processes

IBM® SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global View empower IT administrators with comprehensive visibility across the entire SAN, from a global view down to local environments.

Maximum performance for the on-demand data center

The Gen 7 Directors feature industry-leading Gen 7 Fibre Channel that increases performance for demanding workloads to address next-generation I/O intensive and bandwidth-intensive applications.

Extended distance and replication with a scalable, multiprotocol extension solution

With the IBM® Extension Blade, the Gen 7 Directors provide integrated metro and global connectivity with a purpose-built data center extension solution for Fibre Channel and IP storage environments.

The IBM® Gen7 Directors delivers seamless FICON connectivity for mainframe storage environments.

The IBM SAN512B-7 and SAN256B-7 Directors

Compliment IBM® Z mainframes by offering the industry’s fastest, most reliable, and scalable FICON infrastructure, along with unique, innovative features—all of which help deliver the greatest ROI. Gen7 Directors with b-type extension enhances IBM's overall cyber resiliency initiatives.