What’s the latest product version?

IBM® Rational® Business Developer V9.5.1 contains the latest enhancements across the various technologies within the product and includes fixes from previous releases.

How do annotations work in V9.5.1?

This version updates the annotation enableSaveRestore. You can use it for program variables like records to control whether the variable's data is preserved across a segmented converse.

What are the latest EGL preferences?

This version adds meta headers for generated HTML, allows separation of Javascript contents into another file in the deployed HTML and allows disabling of content assist.

What’s the latest with EGL generation time options?

The deepNullaCheck build descriptor specifies whether any variable will check the null status of the referred value when you compare to null. Two build options, defaultServiceHttpBasicUserId and defaultServiceHttpBasicPassword, specify the default UserID and Password for calling all services.

What are the latest language enhancements for IBM Rational Business Developer?

With V9.5.1, this software now provides open considerations for file input/output, setCharacterEncoding, support for IBM CICS® channels on VSE and XMLLIB support for COBOL generation.

What are the latest user interface enhancements?

This software provides rich UI system updates for EGL widgets that are not based on Dojo, EGL Dojo widgets, EGL Dojo samples and for the local Dojo runtime access; fixFirstColumn is a property for the DataGrid widget to specify whether the first column will be fixed when you scroll horizontally.

What are the latest mobile enhancements?

By default, the mobile widgets in use are updated to 1.5.0. More widgets such as DojoMobileTextBox and DojoMobileRadioButton are added to provide more capability.

What are the latest service enhancements?

In V9.5.1, you can set UserID and Password for calling all services by serviceLib.setHTTPBasicAuthentication (UserID, Password). An Ant task named egl.createInterfaceFromWSDL enables creation of EGL interface from a WSDL file via Ant.