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Near-continuous application availability with advanced failure detection, failover and recovery capabilities
Introduction to PowerHA
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IBM PowerHA technology positions you to deploy an HA solution that addresses storage and high availability requirements with one integrated configuration, with a simplified user interface. IBM Power® is committed to investing in—and bringing to market—solutions designed to keep your IT environments resilient.

IBM PowerHA technology is available in either a Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition for IBM AIX® or IBM i. With IBM i 7.5, PowerHA for IBM i will be offered as a single product that covers both the Standard and Enterprise Edition function.

Benefits   Monitor availability

Detect and report system health, performance and problems.

Manage availability

Eliminate both planned and unplanned outages.

Multisite configurations

Configurations are designed to prove disaster recovery capability.

Features Host-based replication

Perform failover operations to private or public cloud configurations with IBM PowerHA with GLVM or geographic mirroring replication.


Manage your cluster from a single pane of glass. Smart assists allow for easier, out-of-the-box high availability setup and application management.

Clustering technology

Orchestrate cluster operations for either simple shared storage configurations and/or multi-site configurations.

Economic value

PowerHA for on-premises deployments are licensed per processor core, with a one-time charge, first year of software maintenance is included.

Highly autonomous

PowerHA requires requires minimal administrative involvement. It replaces logical replication for more reliable, efficient and easy-to-use solutions.

Integrated IBM SAN storage

Power HA for IBM i incorporates either the IBM DS8000® or the Flash Systems Storage into the HA/DR cluster.

Resources IBM PowerHA SystemMirror V7.2 for IBM AIX updates

This Redbooks publication addresses customers' complex high availability requirements to maximize systems availability. It documents how to transfer the how-to-skills to sales and support teams.

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i

For IBM i environments, a task-based approach is used to implement high availability. The task-based approach allows you to design and build a customized high-availability solution for your business.

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror V7.2 for AIX

This datasheet explains PowerHA SystemMirror enhancements and capabilities, as well as detailing complementary cluster software.

IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i

This datasheet details the value proposition for IBM PowerHA System Mirror for i, which is designed for both high availability and disaster recovery.

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Introduction to PowerHA
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