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Simplify how you manage risk and regulatory compliance with a unified GRC platform fueled by AI and all your data
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A fully unified, smarter GRC environment

Simplify data governance, risk management and regulatory compliance with IBM OpenPages — a highly scalable, AI-powered, and unified GRC platform.

IBM® OpenPages® is an AI-driven, highly scalable governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution that runs on any cloud with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data. Centralize siloed risk management functions within a single environment designed to help you identify, manage, monitor and report on risk and regulatory compliance, especially in today’s changing business landscape.

Prepare for the future with an extensible, fully configurable, integrated enterprise risk management solution that scales to tens of thousands of users.

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Impact 2,500 Transforms workflow

See how Citi reimagined and transformed the daily workflow of the bank’s 2,500 auditors with the help of IBM’s Data and AI technology.

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2,500+ Highly scalable

OpenPages supports more than 2,500 concurrent front-office to back-office users, allowing for continuous risk monitoring and oversight.

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250% Pays for itself

By avoiding regulatory penalties and reducing risk management efforts, see how organizations achieved a 250% ROI, according to the Forrester TEI report.

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Benefits Intuitive interface

Drive GRC adoption for all three lines of the business with a modern, task-focused UI to complete tasks.

Expertise with AI

Obtain 24x7 support with a GRC virtual assistant, and promote accuracy and efficiency in incident reporting with AI relevant classifications.

Third-party integrations

Achieve data integration with IBM App Connect and comprehensive REST APIs that integrate GRC processes with third-party connectors.

Predictive insights

Gain valuable insights into the state of risk across the organization with IBM Cognos Analytics for self-service data exploration and insights.

Automate workflows

Automate GRC processes in minutes and enhance, time to value with configurable workflows. New options include drag and drop functionality and workflow variables.

Deploy anywhere

Infuse IBM OpenPages anywhere, behind your firewall or on any cloud through IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

Task-focused UI Task views enable minimal-training for all lines within an organization. A task-focused user interface streamlines even complex processes and actions for users. Users can add favorites, heat-maps, sibling relationships and more, while user guidance quickly and dynamically builds key fields.

Dashboards and analytics Get insight into the state of risk across the organization with dynamic dashboards, charts, and dimensional reporting. Drill down through sub-reports for root cause analysis. Dashboards support improved productivity and risk management. Administrators and users can customize views, visualizations, widgets, task tabs and landing page options based on responsibilities.

GRC embedded workflows Run out-of-the-box use cases on a scheduled basis, on demand or upon the creation of an object with the embedded GRC Workflow feature. Drag and drop functionality enables administrators to modify or create new workflows through the user interface, which aids in new use case development.

Calculation engine Build calculations that can automatically set values for different risk related activities. For example, calculate the inherent risk behind control effectiveness and map key risk indicators (KRIs).

Single data repository Standardized libraries, comprehensive REST APIs, integrations via IBM App Connect, and a single data model ensure a consistent view of risk and compliance to prevent human error and data inconsistencies. Enables unlimited levels of entities, processes, risks, and control hierarchies to match the unique structure of an organization. Eliminates redundancies through shared documents, processes, risks, and controls.

AI integrations AI-powered chatbots

Provide real-time answers to common questions with Watsonx Assistant. Parse through user documentation and pull in FAQs to make GRC knowledge available to all users.

Categorize and map risks

Integrates with Natural Language Understanding to select and map a pre-curated list of risk categorizations to specific controls, including IT incidents or Basel event type categories.

End-to-end governance

Integrates with Knowledge Catalog to achieve full value of metadata. Maintain a list of data assets and projects with private or sensitive information.

Trusted AI models

Integrates with Watson Studio to analyze model interdependency and performance by looking at key metrics, such as model drifts, model fairness and explainability.

AI model integration

Connect to models running on Watson Discovery and enable use cases such as automatic tag identification, text summarization, PII detection, control definition analysis, issue categorization and many others.

AI platform built for business

Put AI to work to unlock productivity and innovation with watsonx, our upcoming next generation, enterprise-ready AI and data platform designed to multiply the impact of AI across your business.

Domain-targeted modules

IBM OpenPages offers you the capability to deploy domain-targeted product modules to meet specific risk and compliance challenges. Choose the product modules you need within a single integrated environment.

IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management

Automate the process of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analyzing, and managing operational risks.

Manage operational risk
IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management

Drive efficient end-to-end regulatory compliance management.

Manage regulatory compliance
IBM OpenPages Internal Audit Management

Automate and manage internal audits and conduct broader risk and compliance management activities.

Manage internal audits
IBM OpenPages IT Governance

Obtain a holistic view of IT risks and map them to business processes.

See IT risks more clearly
IBM OpenPages Third-Party Risk Management

Mitigate risks and improve business results with each of your vendors.

Manage vendor risks
IBM OpenPages Model Risk Governance

Demonstrate strong model governance, reporting and compliance.

Manage model risks
IBM OpenPages Risk Management for ESG

Enable environmental, social, and governance program management and compliance in an effective, holistic manner.

Manage risk for ESG
IBM OpenPages Business Continuity Management

Prepare your enterprise for business continuity and protect employees in the face of disruptive events.

Plan for continuity
IBM OpenPages Financial Controls Management

Reduce costs and complexity of complying with Sarbanes-Oxley and similar financial reporting regulations.

Manage financial controls
IBM OpenPages Policy Management

Keep your policies and procedures up to date with your internal and external obligations.

Manage policies
IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management

Break down silos between IT and compliance for complete data privacy and governance.

Manage data privacy
Case studies Citi

Discover how IBM accelerated Citi’s AI journey by being a partner in Citi’s audit transformation and serving as an innovator in AI.


To increase user engagement, streamline processes and bolster risk assessments across the enterprise with reduced effort, SCOR is using IBM OpenPages.


Since joining IBM’s User Experience Program, Aviva has modernized its operational risk management solution with the help of new product enhancements to IBM OpenPages, opening up GRC capabilities to optimize the user experience.

Resources IBM OpenPages ebook

Foster an organization-wide culture of total compliance, adapt to regulatory changes and empower your first line to make more risk-aware decisions.

Chartis Research names IBM a Category Leader

Chartis Research GRC Solutions recognizes IBM as a Category Leader in its 2021 landscape report.

Join IBM and guest Gartner to learn how digital business strategies are transforming risk management.

The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM OpenPages

Learn how IBM OpenPages can help customers avoid regulatory penalties and reduce risk management efforts in this Forrester TEI study.

Learn how IBM OpenPages uses AI technology to open up GRC capabilities to leaders across the organization.

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