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Activate data for AI and analytics with intelligent cataloging and policy management

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An intelligent data catalog for the AI era

IBM Knowledge Catalog is software to manage and curate data, knowledge assets, and their relationships. It is available as managed SaaS or within IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

IBM Knowledge Catalog is a data governance software that provides a data catalog to automate data discovery, data quality management, data lineage and data protection. The cloud-based enterprise metadata repository activates information for AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning supported by active metadata. Access, curate, categorize and share data, knowledge assets and their relationships, wherever they reside.

Use IBM Knowledge Catalog for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data to deliver business-ready data to feed AI and analytics projects.


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Now available: watsonx.governance

Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable workflows for generative AI built on third-party platforms

Announcements Announcement

IBM acquires Manta to complement data and AI governance capabilities

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IBM named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions
Benefits Accelerate data discovery, quality management and governance with automation Improve organizational data literacy

Create a common business glossary. Harness knowledge graphs for insights into relationships between data.

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Delivery quality data

Deliver timely, trusted, quality data with ML and automation. Help ensure a well-structured and maintained data lineage.

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Help protect and comply

Active policy management, role-based access control and dynamic masking of sensitive data help protect data to promote compliance and audit readiness. 

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Features Open, intelligent data cataloging powered by active metadata Advanced discovery

Find relevant assets quickly and at scale based on intelligent recommendations from IBM Watson® and peers.

Operationalized quality

Track lineage and quality scores across structured data, unstructured data, AI models and notebooks.

Flexible deployment

Deploy on premises, on cloud, or fully managed as a service on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

End-to-end catalog

Organize, define and manage enterprise data to provide the right context and drive value across needs like regulatory compliance and data monetization.

Automated governance

Protect data, manage compliance and audit-readiness, and maintain client trust with active policy management and dynamic masking of sensitive data.

Self-service insights

Consume and transform data at the speed of business with intuitive dashboards and flows that can be shared with peers or analytics tools.


Use cases

Reliance on manual processes, low enterprise-wide data literacy, and the continuous growth of data volumes, types and sources may be hindering your data and AI initiatives. A DataOps practice that delivers continuous, high-quality trusted enterprise data and enables collaboration across your business can position you to drive agility, speed and new initiatives at scale.

Central to the practice is a data catalog tool with automated organization and onboarding of content, consistent definitions and self-service management of enterprise data.


Enable self-service discovery and analysis Empower data citizens with quick access to quality data. Share insights and awareness of trusted data to drive monetization. Operationalize data for AI, reducing costs and speeding time to value. Take the tutorial on self-service capabilities

Improve data quality IBM Knowledge Catalog interprets data in the business context it is used. You can discover and assess data quality for millions of assets, wherever the data resides.

Manage data privacy and compliance Enable data privacy and define data policies that describe how data can be used and handled.

Govern data lakes Decrease time and effort by automating the discovery and cataloging of data from distributed data sources. Help reduce risks and accelerate access to all enterprise data using virtualization.

Case studies Tackles data privacy challenges

Denmark's largest bank strategically evolves their data governance practice with IBM Knowledge Catalog.

Harness the power of data

The African bank drives growth in challenging times with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM DataOps solutions.


Data privacy extensions

Deploy a unified privacy framework to enhance data privacy and AI protection. Mask sensitive data and automate how you generate metadata, enforce policies and build a business vocabulary.

Data privacy extension Protect sensitive data

IBM Knowledge Catalog can be used as a central hub for data policies that can be enforced within watsonx.data to enable customers to protect sensitive data and manage access.

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Data privacy extension Build a business vocabulary

Make data understandable by all who need it with a common business vocabulary. Automatically provide business context with out-of-the-box regulatory and industry glossaries.

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Data privacy extension Run privacy assessments

Get a unified view of all your private data assets and run privacy assessments on them after loading asset metadata into IBM® OpenPages®.

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Master data management extension 360-degree view

Get a 360-degree view of critical data entities by automatically matching data from various sources to customer profiles without duplication. Monitor critical data like PII and consent.

See documentation for IBM Match 360 for IBM Cloud Pak for Data
Data lineage Understand your data’s journey

Gain visibility into the journey of your data from origin to end use with details on how data is transformed, and by whom, along the way.

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Resources 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions

Discover why IBM is named a Leader for the 17th time in a row in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions.

Data governance webinars

Learn data governance best practices to improve enterprise data protection, lineage, data quality and data management.

Forrester Total Economic Impact report

Discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Data and IBM Knowledge Catalog services are contributing ROI up to 158% for your peers in the market.

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