What Max Storm can do for your severe weather coverage

Whether on-air or across digital platforms, Max Storm is designed to empower your team with the stunning visualizations, accurate weather data and streamlined workflows crucial to severe weather coverage.

Take viewers into the storm in near real-time with 3D weather radar and imagery, or engage your audience on mobile devices while also promoting your live on-air broadcast. With Max Storm, the possibilities are endless.

Create compelling 3D weather visualizations

Display engaging and informative three-dimensional views of severe weather to make complex stories more digestible for your audience.

Use cutting-edge visualization tools

Access various tools such as the Storm Slicer or Data Scope to take viewers into the storm, which allows users to pinpoint hail cores or diagram their likely course.

Air severe weather coverage quickly

Utilize a fast, efficient workflow and user interface so you are the first to make it to air with crucial severe weather information.

Max Storm product images

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