Solutions to help captivate your audience, no matter the screen

With so many new competitors in broadcast media, capturing your audience’s attention may be more challenging than ever. To stand out, stations must use their local knowledge to meet their audience's need for relevant weather information.

Combining enterprise-class production tools and visualizations with advanced weather data helps local stations produce more personalized weathercasts, creating a seamless and informative experience across platforms.

Max Engage with Watson: The power of AI in every cross-platform broadcast

AI is taking massive leaps forward in detecting weather and traffic conditions and delivering that content across digital platforms. Max Engage with Watson uses AI that can enhance your storytelling with an automated, life-planning mobile experience that helps you increase your video views and be first to air with vital information.

Max Storm: 3D weather radar helps you look your best when weather is at its worst

Max Storm helps you create stunning visualizations, deliver accurate data, and improve efficiency in your severe weather coverage. Take viewers into the storm in near-real-time with Max 3D Radar.

Max Reality: Visualize weather data with advanced augmented reality

Max Reality delivers dynamic, 3D images of storms and atmospheric events that help you captivate viewers and hold their attention longer.

Max Sky: Realistic on-air visualizations of landscapes and weather forecasts

Max Sky helps you take viewers on a virtual journey with cloud templates, lightning, water and wind stream effects that can look so realistic, it's like opening a window on tomorrow’s weather.

Max Connect: Interact with live show elements without turning away from the camera

Max Connect helps broadcasters control and visualize exactly what their audience sees in near-real-time, right from the palm of their hand.

Max Traffic: A fully-integrated traffic and weather solution

Max Traffic’s beautiful, engaging graphics and digital media integration help you enhance your morning traffic report. Max can help you dominate your market on every device.

Max Mobile: Help extend local TV assets into compelling mobile content

Make the leap to digital platforms with Max Mobile. This solution can empower broadcasters to publish dynamic, monetizable weather information to their mobile audience throughout the day.

Max Social: A suite of social media tools to help turn likes into loyalty

Max Social helps you add a fresh perspective to your broadcast by uploading content to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without leaving the familiar Max platform.

Max Web: Tools to help attract audience and advertisers

Weather and traffic are highly sought-after web content. With Max Web, you can customize our widgets with just a few lines of code to help keep users coming back for more.

Spectrum Weather Radar: Upgrade your radar to help upgrade your ratings

During breaking weather, turn to a Spectrum Weather Radar which seamlessly integrates with the Max Ecosystem and Max Storm saving precious seconds when conveying life-saving information to viewers.

Watson Captioning Live: Simplify captioning and improve accuracy with AI

Watson Captioning Live helps you streamline your closed captioning process by using cognitive speech-to-text applications that deliver automated captions in a fraction of the time.

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