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Professional weather software and graphics for broadcast media

With so many new competitors in broadcast media, capturing your audience’s attention may be more challenging than ever. To stand out, stations must use their local knowledge to meet their audience's need for relevant weather information.

Combining enterprise-class production tools and visualizations with advanced weather data helps local stations produce more personalized weathercasts, creating a seamless and informative experience across platforms. Whether they’re watching at home on television or on their mobile devices on the go, our broadcast media solutions will help engage your audience throughout the day.


Key features of our broadcast solutions

Max The breadth and depth of our Max system can be seen within the Scene Builder user interface where users can customize the look of their weather content so it stands out amongst the competition and captivates audiences. Explore the Max system

Max Cloud Hyper-scalable hybrid cloud solutions can extend your broadcast capabilities beyond the walls of your station, unlocking the full potential of your entire group through increased collaboration, streamlined workflows and more cost-effective disaster recovery options. Explore Max Cloud

Max Engage Using a single UI, quickly and easily grow your digital viewership by providing automated hyperlocal weather and traffic videos across platforms that are customized for users. Explore Max Engage

Broadcast media cloud solutions
Max Cloud: The foundation and future for the broadcast media industry Increasing media competition is causing broadcast stations to search for new ways to rapidly and consistently distribute and monetize their content across platforms while also managing costs. Max Cloud helps broadcasters improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration in a powerful IBM® Cloud® environment that is built with availability, scalability and security in mind. Learn about Max Cloud
Weather broadcast software graphics & solutions Max Engage: The power of AI in broadcast weather graphics
This advanced weather solution uses AI to enhance your storytelling with an automated, life-planning mobile experience that helps you increase your video views and be the first to air with vital information.
Max Reality: Visualize weather data with advanced augmented reality (AR)
Max Reality delivers dynamic, 3D images of storms and atmospheric events that help you captivate viewers and hold their attention longer. Build loyalty and entice viewers through our broadcast weather graphics software.
Max Cloud: Enabling content collaboration and scalability
Max Cloud is built to drive collaboration within your organization by enabling you to easily share Max graphics and increase the creation of unique content across the scalable, security-rich IBM Cloud.
Max Storm: 3D weather radar helps you look your best when weather is at its worst
Max Storm helps you deliver accurate weather reports with stunning visualizations, deliver accurate data, and improve efficiency in your severe weather coverage. Take viewers into the storm in near-real-time with Max 3D Radar.
Max Sky: Realistic on-air visualizations of landscapes and weather forecasts
Max Sky helps you take viewers on a virtual journey with cloud templates, lightning, water and wind stream effects that can look so realistic, it's like opening a window on tomorrow’s weather. TV weather graphics, from The Weather Company, can help connect your team with your audience for a better broadcast.
Max Connect: Interact with live show elements without turning away from the camera
Max Connect helps broadcasters control and visualize exactly what their audience sees in near-real-time, right from the palm of their hand.
Max Traffic: A fully-integrated traffic and weather solution
Max Traffic’s beautiful, engaging graphics and digital media integration help you enhance your morning traffic report. Max can help you dominate your market on every device.
Max Studio: Allow your talent to be more interactive
Max Studio helps you deliver a more dynamic presentation by putting the tools your talent needs at their fingertips so they can stay on camera when it matters most.
Max Alert Live: Build trust with viewers through fast, accurate and engaging severe weather alerts
Max Alert Live enables stations to rapidly broadcast severe weather news with customizable automated alerts that can be controlled from virtually anywhere.
Digital weather solutions Max Mobile: Help extend local TV assets into compelling mobile content
Make the leap to digital platforms with Max Mobile. This solution can empower broadcasters to publish dynamic, monetizable weather information to their mobile audience throughout the day.
Max Social: A suite of social media tools to help turn likes into loyalty
Max Social helps you add a fresh perspective to your broadcast by uploading content to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without leaving the familiar Max platform.
Max Web: Weather widgets to attract audience and advertisers
Weather and traffic are highly sought-after web content. With Max Web, you can customize our widgets with just a few lines of code to help keep users coming back for more.
Max Velocity: Increase and accelerate broadcast storytelling
Empower your entire team to create and publish videos and live streams from virtually any location, at any time.
Weather data
Max Solution Basic API package

Essential weather APIs to drive fact-based decisions integrating new insights to make business decisions where weather has a significant impact on the outcome.  

See how our basic API package can help inform your decisions

Max Solution Advanced API package

Additional weather APIs for further insight and analysis driving improved decision-making with our accurate, accessible and comprehensive forecast data. 

See how our Advanced API package can help inform your decisions
Case studies WKRN-TV
WKRN-TV swiftly pushes vital information to its audiences across digital platforms using Max Engage
Cox Media Group Jacksonville TV
Equipping broadcasters with personalized AI technology to keep viewers safe
Valley News Live – KVLY-TV
Increases viewer engagement 350% over the competition with customized content
Resources Augmented reality can make even routine weather look fascinating
Max Reality visualizes weather data in a whole new way, using advanced Augmented Reality technology to create dynamic, 3D images of storms and atmospheric events that help make even routine weather look fascinating.
Max Traffic helps put you and your sponsors in the driver's seat
Use Max Traffic to drive the highest return on investment, get premium ad placement, enhance brand images to viewers, and create positive publicity.
The Weather Community
Max users can visit The Weather Community for additional resources, customer support assistance or to submit ideas.
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The Weather Company brings together weather data from The Weather Channel, and trusted AI from IBM to create solutions that help marketers uncover new audience insights, tailor customer experiences and exceed media objectives.
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Frequently asked questions

What are the main types of weather broadcast media?

Broadcast media can be broken out into three groups: television, the internet/social media, and radio.

What are broadcasting graphics?

Broadcasting graphics are additional elements that can be animated or in 3D that help to engage the viewer during a broadcast.

What software do TV stations use?

TV stations will often use broadcast software in order to design, create, manage, store, and upload broadcasts such as news, sports, traffic, weather, and election coverage.

What editing software do news stations use?

News stations use video editing software to facilitate the distribution of content across a wide variety of channels. Cloud-based tools can help broadcasters create remote productions, no matter where they are located. Weather graphics and map visualization software can also be important tools in producing an engaging broadcast.

What is the best meteorology model?

The IBM GRAF weather model is the first hourly weather model that uses high-resolution data and the latest in weather graphics and technology to predict weather activity around the globe.


What is the most accurate weather software?

The Weather Company's global percent of top rankings averaged over all forecast lead days (1-9) during 2022 was over three times higher than any other weather provider studied. Derived by IBM using data from: ForecastWatch, Global and Regional Weather Forecast Accuracy Overview, 2017-2022,, (link resides outside commissioned by IBM.

Do the Weather Company’s broadcast media solutions require any hardware?

No. Max products reduce the amount of hardware needed across markets, saving on cost and giving your station the power to work from anywhere.

Do the Weather Company’s broadcast media solutions require hiring more staff or trained professionals?

No. While Max solutions allow for advanced graphics and rapid production, it is integrated into your organization’s existing Max toolkit, requiring no additional staff.

Do I need to learn how to use all Max products separately?

No. Each component of Max is a supplement to the Max ecosystem, so there’s only one system to learn, and all components integrate seamlessly with each other. 

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