What Max Engage with Watson can do for your business

The weather audience’s experience is changing in a big way. Augmented intelligence (AI) and automation are taking massive leaps forward in the detection of weather and traffic conditions and going beyond what is humanly possible.

The Weather Company, an IBM Business’ Max Engage with Watson enhances your storytelling and powers capabilities in this new cognitive era of broadcasting, so your station will not be left behind.

Max Engage with Watson offers an automated, life-planning mobile experience that can increase your number of mobile video views by up to 13x – and helps you be the first to air with vital information that keeps your audience safe.

Increase audience engagement and revenue

Post new content simultaneously across all of your station’s digital platforms to boost video views and ad revenue.

Auto-generate mobile content

Leverage augmented intelligence to meet your audience’s demand for mobile content throughout the day.

Enable micro targeting

Use geofencing technology to target affected users when they need vital information most.

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