What augmented reality graphics can do for your business

Harnessing the power of augmented reality weather forecast technology, Max Reality is designed to engage viewers and keep them watching longer. The features from Max Reality catch the eye with dynamic TV weather graphics, 3D images of storms, and atmospheric events. It also enables you to integrate traffic data with your on-air presentations so you can inform viewers of travel conditions before they begin their commute.

Provide compelling TV weather graphics

Use Max Reality’s augmented reality weather forecasts to make your broadcast stand out from competitors and meet your audience’s high expectations.

Immerse your audience in augmented reality

Change your broadcasts from legacy linear presentations to virtual, 3D experiences and immerse your audience into a new world of storytelling.

Leverage new forecasting technology

Be a trailblazer by taking advantage of augmented reality weather forecasts in order to retain and expand your share of audience.

Key features of Max Reality

High-Quality augmented reality graphics

Augmented reality uses visual technology to present information in a 3D interactive formal, while simplifying complex data. Additionally, 55% of 25-34 year olds said they prefer a weather presentation with AR.

Visually compelling presentations

Make your broadcast standout to compete and meet the audience's higher expectations for TV. Differentiate your station by telling a weather story that is engaging and provides an explanation of the impact on viewers.

Cross-Channel integration

Viewers can be on a wide variety of channels, making it essential that your augmented reality platform can adjust to consumer demands. 

Weather and traffic in 3D

In wall-to-wall coverage when viewers are sampling, dramatic 3D Radar will cause viewers to take notice.  Our weather and traffic graphics make broadcast reports more compelling and engaging.

Work with other Max Systems

Max Reality leverages all Max platform assets such as Studio, Sky and Connect for better storytelling.

Max Reality product images

Max Reality resources

Learn more about how Max Reality can help your weather business.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Max Reality


Getting started with this product

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality combines computer-generated imagery with visualizations from the real world to form stunning visuals.

What are augmented reality graphics?

Augmented reality graphics are generated by computers to create realistic and engaging imagery. Max Reality’s augmented reality graphics include 3D weather maps, rainfall totals, other charted forecasts and flooding impact, and more.

How can augmented reality be used in television news?

Augmented reality can be used to bring weather conditions right onto the set, without the need for your meteorologists to be in the elements. It can also create visually stunning graphics to display forecasts in a way that helps your audience understand the impact and stay engaged.

How does Max Reality use augmented reality?

Max Reality uses augmented reality to integrate real-life weather events with graphics, text and video overlays to paint a comprehensive picture of weather conditions.

How does weather and augmented reality work together?

By using Max Reality, your station brings its stories to life, either in the studio or outdoors. Augmented reality uses graphics to engage your audience and keep their attention during weather broadcasts.

Does Max Reality require hiring more staff or trained professionals?

No. While Max Reality uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology, it is integrated into your organization’s existing Max toolkit, requiring no additional staff. Premade scenes in The Weather Community can be used as a starting point.

Can Max Reality be used for traffic broadcasts?

Yes. Max Reality can incorporate traffic data and graphics, adding another dimension to the story to show how weather affects your viewers’ daily commute.