What Max Connect can do for your business

Enable your on-air talent to interact with show elements in near-real time by using award-winning iPad weather app Max Connect. A specialized and highly-intuitive interface allows broadcasters to control and visualize what the audience will see right from the palm of their hand. This includes accessing any data or tool in the system, interacting with augmented reality objects and incorporating viewer-submitted stories from social media right from your tablet.

Interact with broadcast graphics

Use augmented reality and powerful telestration tools to pan and zoom the map, select preset drawing and query tools, and draw on the tablet for better storytelling.

Stay eye-to-eye

Since Max Connect stays right in your palm, you can focus on delivering life-saving information during severe weather updates without ever turning away from the camera.

Broadcast weather remotely

Use Max Connect to storm track live from the field—with full access to all Max Storm data—and the ability to display and query the latest watches and warnings.

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