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Unlock the power of mainframe data for analytics and AI through watsonx.data
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Synchronize IBM Z data to the cloud for modern cloud data architectures

Transactional data is the definitive source of truth and represents the current state of the business for many organizations. This highly valuable IBM Z® data, combined with other lakehouse data, can provide unique predictive value for artificial intelligence (AI) insights.

Seamlessly synchronize valuable enterprise IBM Z data to your IBM® watsonx.data™ lakehouse to unlock the power of mainframe transactional data for AI, by using the most up-to-date transactional data in machine learning or AI models.

  • Reduce time for accessing and analyzing mainframe data with a revolutionary simplified approach to synchronizing mainframe data.
  • Apply as much compute to a complex analysis as you want and need without impacting operational applications.
  • Support cloud-based lakehouse initiatives with reduced cost and effort.
  • Synchronize IBM® Db2® for z/OS®, IMS and VSAM data to the Iceberg open table data format in watsonx.data.
Benefits Simple, efficient data synchronization

The IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) enabled approach to synchronize IBM Z data with watsonx.data.

Modernized mainframe data source access

Purpose-built to deliver data originating from the mainframe for access in IBM watsonx™.

Minimal impact on transactional workloads

Provides the most current IBM Z data with reduced resource consumption and workload isolation.

Optimization Optimized for low latency and high throughput

Data Gate for IBM watsonx provides a simple, zIIP-enabled, highly optimized, purpose-built, unidirectional, resilient, standardized approach for synchronizing data from IBM Z.

Integration Integrated within Db2 for z/OS and watsonx

Engineered as part of Db2 for z/OS and watsonx.data to simplify integrating transactional mainframe data within traditional machine learning and generative AI applications.

Resources IBM watsonx.data and IBM Data Gate for watsonx

Bring valuable enterprise data into a watsonx.data lakehouse.

Accelerate insights from IBM Z data

Synchronize IBM Z® data to the cloud for modern data architectures.

Mainframe data for AI

Unlock the power of transactional mainframe data for AI through integration with IBM Data Gate for watsonx.

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