How IBM data governance is used

Data governance

IBM Cloud Pak for Data metadata enrichment dashboard

Create a data governance foundation

Create governance artifacts and run metadata enrichment to drive a better understanding of your data and its usage.

Data quality

IBM Cloud Pak for Data master data profile example

Address data quality issues

Analyze statistics and data quality scores visually and improve curation with AI-driven data quality rules.

Data privacy

IBM Cloud Pak for Data data protection rule builder dashboard

Address data privacy and compliance

Identify sensitive data and enforce data protection rules dynamically to reduce risk of regulatory violations.

Data catalog

Online store data catalog dashboard

Manage data products

Simplify self-service data access with a data catalog that acts as the system of record for governed data and analytics assets.

Benefits of IBM data governance tools

Simplify self-service data access

Enable data consumers to quickly find, prepare and use governed data with robust search methods and semantic intelligence.

Drive consistent data understanding

Automate data discovery and improve data understanding with extensible business glossary, data classes, reference data, and classifications.

Manage data governance policies

Simplify data policy management, address regulatory compliance, promote audit readiness and maintain customer trust.

Automate data privacy and security at scale

Identify sensitive data and enforce data protection rules dynamically to control access to data assets across key endpoints within and outside the IBM platform.

Improve data quality

Address data quality issues with capabilities for profiling, cleansing, monitoring, matching, and enriching data.

Capabilities of IBM data governance

Advanced data discovery

Find relevant assets from across the enterprise and at scale based on intelligent recommendations from IBM Watson® and peers.

Metadata enrichment

Enrich data with context by automatically assigning business terms, ownership rules, classifications and other governance artifacts to data assets.

Data quality

Address data quality issues closer to the source, assign data quality scores to assets and improve curation through AI-driven data quality rules.

Manage data policies

Protect data, manage compliance and audit-readiness, and maintain client trust with active policy management.

Manage data products

Manage and govern all your data and analytics assets within an intelligent data catalog that simplifies self-service access to trusted data.

Advanced data privacy

Identify sensitive data and dynamically enforce data protection providing automatic decisions to mask and protect data.

Data privacy risk assessment

Conduct automated privacy risk assessments on your data assets and obtain recommendations to mitigate the identified risks.

Data lineage

Gain deeper visibility into the provenance of data and analyze how data is moved, transformed, and consumed across all applications and data sources.

360-degree views of organizational data

Easily find, match and identify relationships in context across a variety of use cases with automated data matching and entity resolution.

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Data governance included solutions

Use IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build these data governance solutions into your data fabric.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

Activate business-ready data for AI and analytics with an intelligent data catalog, backed by active metadata and policy management. 

IBM Watson Query

Execute distributed and virtualized queries across a disparate data landscape with this universal query engine. 

IBM Data Privacy Risk Assessment

Automate privacy risk analysis by purchasing an add-on that supports frictionless standardized privacy risk assessments.

IBM Match 360 with Watson

Consolidate data from disparate sources to provide a 360-degree view of entities powered by ML and governance capabilities.


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Deployment options

Data Governance on IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

Build a governed data foundation with a data fabric architecture in the cloud, fully managed by IBM.

Data Governance Express on IBM Cloud Pak for Data Software

On-prem customers, quickly build a governed data foundation with a data fabric architecture with our express solutions.