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Your business likely depends on hundreds of applications across various teams. These may be off-the-shelf systems, custom-built applications, SaaS applications, mobile applications, IoT sensors, and many others, and are likely spread across multiple locations such as on-premises and multiple public and private clouds.

But as applications present data in different formats like JSON, SOAP, and industry-specific message formats, such as Swift, EDI, and others.  The use of protocols such as messaging, HTTP, Web Services, REST and more – it can be a challenge to ensure applications can communicate with speed, security, and flexibility.

App Connect helps you quickly and securely connect and transform applications and data to integrate the enterprise,  enable automation, and get maximum value from your business data.

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Get maximum value from your business data

Know the benefits Save time

Eliminate manual data entry and redundant tasks by synchronizing data across applications.

Gain insights

Get maximum value out of your business data and the insights you need to make well-informed decisions.

Optimize applications

Build consistently higher-quality SaaS connections to back-end systems, improving security and performance.

How it works
Connect any endpoint

Securely connect all your endpoints, from applications, databases, to packaged apps, regardless of where it resides or the protocol it requires (such as HTTP(S),  Web Services, MLLP, FTP, MQ, JMS, user-defined or industry-specific protocols).

Map and transform your data

Quickly map objects between source and target with AI-assisted mapping recommendations that learn from your choices and auto-generated source code, saving your organization time and effort.

Move data quickly

App Connect supports multiple types of data transfer, including batch, bulk and real-time synchronization. Scalable runtimes provide flexibility to deliver the information you need when you need it.

Business impact Unite mismatched sources, data formats and standards to gain new insights, enable automation, and transform your business Healthcare

Gain a single view of patient data from multiple sources including internal enterprise apps, other provider’s apps, IoT devices and more.  

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Support sustainability efforts by making data from all your applications, assets and facilities available to your ESG reporting system.

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Support Industry 4.0 efforts by sharing real-time data from sensors, devices and machines on the factory floor can be consumed and used immediately by other factory assets and shared with apps across the enterprise. 

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Get started quickly with prebuilt connectors and templates

A great first step when you are connecting applications and data is to check Automation Explorer.  You will find a wide variety of prebuilt connectors and templates for commonly used applications built by IBM and other App Connect users. Connectors and templates are easy to download and put into practice and are fully supported by IBM.

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IBM App Connect can be extended with specialized data management capabilities including areas such as advanced ETL, data virtualization, and data synchronization.

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Build a trusted data pipeline with a modernized ETL tool on a cloud-native insight platform.

IBM Data Virtualization

Simplify your data landscape with a universal query engine that accesses your disparate data sources.

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Real time data synchronization between data stores.

IBM iPaaS Solutions

Connect applications, data, business processes, and services, whether they are hosted on-premises, in a private cloud, or within a public cloud environment.

Once you’ve integrated your apps and data, expose your flows as APIs with App Connect
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Power your integration initiatives and connect all your applications and data, no matter where they reside.

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