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Access, transform and combine data across applications
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Create APIs for fast development

IBM App Connect solution helps simplify development complexities with an intuitive interface that makes building APIs easier. For less experienced users, App Connect guides you through making models and integration flows to build robust APIs. For more experienced developers, our powerful tooling lets you extend the flow through code.

Act on events with App Connect

Respond quickly to new incidents across systems.

IBM App Connect can help you
Connect to any application

Prepackaged smart connectors for ERP, CRM, HR and other applications facilitate rapid connectivity while technology connectors provide extensive support for a range of data protocols and formats.

Build API-driven flows

Use a model-driven, code-free approach to implement your API operations as integration flows. More technical users can then further extend those patterns with a full range of advanced features.

Show development-ready APIs

Manage your own API manager or with a one-click publish to IBM API Connect® for a seamless process within the IBM Cloud® integration platform.

Create leads in Salesforce

The API takes a Box document URL and an optional event name, retrieves the document, parses it to find the new leads generated, and creates or updates the leads in Salesforce.

Get started with IBM App Connect

Power your integration initiatives with an iPaaS that connects all your applications and data no matter where they reside.

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