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Promote API reuse with API-led connectivity

API-led connectivity is a modern way to integrate applications and data through reusable APIs. It replaces the overly complex point-to-point integration style to enable a more flexible, scalable and agile architecture. 

App Connect helps you accelerate integration initiatives and improve productivity and agility using a collaborative authoring process between business technologists, integration specialists & API developers.

API Connectivity: Leading with APIs to optimize your business

Learn how you can modernize integration efforts with an API-led architecture.

Why API-led connectivity
Know the benefits Reduce complexity and cost

Create an API once and reuse many times in different contexts to serve multiple business needs.

Gain better visibility and control

When applications are integrated via APIs, they are easier to manage and secure.

Adapt quickly

As changes inevitably occur, they can be managed at scale without requiring excessive one-off work.

IBM App Connect can help you build and reuse APIs as integration building blocks
Build APIs quickly and easily

Use a model-driven, code-free approach to build APIs as integration flows using IBM App Connect Designer, a business-friendly, no-code authoring environment.

Support complex integrations 

With collaborative authoring, technical users can extend API integration patterns with a full range of advanced features.

Discover and reuse APIs 

Integrate business apps and systems faster across the enterprise by discovering and consuming existing APIs within integration flows.

Share APIs

Automatically deploy new APIs into your API management system (for example, API Connect Developer Portal) and share with other consumers.

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