IBM Data Virtualization
Simplify your data landscape with a universal query engine that accesses your disparate data sources, available within IBM Cloud Pak for Data
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What is IBM® Data Virtualization?

IBM Data Virtualization is a universal query engine that executes distributed and virtualized queries across databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and streaming data without additional manual changes, data movement or replication. Available through the data fabric capabilities of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform, IBM Data Virtualization is vendor agnostic and a key piece in modernizing your data architecture to accelerate digital transformation. 


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Key use cases Data governance
Learn how businesses can simplify data governance and privacy to create a trusted, business-ready data foundation.
Data integration
Get a single view of data across hybrid data sources—without data movement, and in a secure, governed fashion.

How IBM Data Virtualization is used

Optimize data access Unify data across any cloud, warehouse, data lake or database. Empower users to fully exploit all your data for innovation.

Deliver quality data Ensure better business outcomes by more easily integrating well-governed data from across a hybrid landscape.

Govern data centrally Enforce governance policies when data is accessed across multiple sources, quickly providing data to your end applications through a single view without the need for any manual changes, data movement or replication.

Create a logical data warehouse Enable access to multiple, diverse data sources through a data virtualization layer while appearing to users and applications as a single logical data source with a logical data warehouse architecture.

Benefits Achieve speed and simplicity
Improve performance through intelligent caching.
Reduce workload
Query data where it resides, including data lakes, minimizing movement and copies.
Capitalize on end-to-end data governance
Leverage cataloging technology to ensure queries are run on high-quality, valid data.
Cut costs with independent scaling

Gain independent scaling of compute and storage with zero downtime.

Available fully managed

Achieve flexibility and deploy how you need it with virtualization capabilities as a service or on premises.

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Complete view Preview all connected data sources quickly, in one view. Automatically find and match tables across systems to query them as a single object.

Create catalog for governance and user management Manage all permissions in a virtual layer, empowering data consumers to get the data needed for the task at hand without compromising privacy or regulatory requirements.

Connect your sources Get quick access across deployment methods, repositories and data types. Watson Query can query multiple sources, including on-premises data warehouses, SaaS databases and cloud object stores.

Intelligent caching Monitor your workload and get recommendation when caching. The service contains an advanced, optimizer-integrated, data-caching solution that can cache tables and queries, offering precomputed result sets for faster analysis.

Simplify your data landscape Distributed query engine
Eliminates data migration and executes against data repositories regardless of data type or structure.
Object Storage compatibility
Facilitates independent scaling of storage when used in place of traditional block storage.
Pre-integrated data cataloging
Automates data governance and cataloging to help ensure data validity and quality.
Resources Improving data access
Learn how IBM Data Virtualization helps simplify your data access.
Four use cases defining the new wave of data management
See which topics are most pressing and how data virtualization helps simplify data access across use cases.
2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration
Discover why IBM is named a Leader for the 17th year in a row in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools.

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