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What secure, scalable virtualization technology can do

The IBM® z/VM® hypervisor is a virtualization technology platform for two of the industry's best-of-breed environments – IBM Z® and IBM LinuxONE server. IBM z/VM supports the Linux, IBM z/OS®, IBM z/VSE® and IBM z/TPF operating systems. Long recognized as a robust hypervisor, z/VM virtualization enables a highly secure and scalable infrastructure for enterprise cloud and Linux deployment along with all kinds of applications.


Drive value faster

Benefit more quickly from new z/VM capabilities with the z/VM Continuous Delivery model.

Optimize workloads

Enable high workload density, high elasticity for workload spikes, and efficient operations and utilization.

Improve management

Efficiently manage migration, deploy virtual servers, provide a test environment, and consolidate systems onto one physical server.

IBM z/VM Hypervisor features

  • Efficiency and scalability
  • Support for Linux, z/OS, z/TPF and z/VSE
  • System ease of use
  • Continuous deployment without risk
  • Pervasive encryption enablement
  • Pre-announcement of z/VM V7.2