Data is your most critical asset, but there is more to secure

57 percent

of CISOs don’t know where their data is*

68 percent

increase in app development by companies*

20.8 billion

“things” to secure by 2020*

Are you meeting or exceeding the challenge to secure data, apps and endpoints?

Are you simply seeing, or intelligently visualizing critical asset?

Are you intelligently visualizing critical asset?

Do you have one view of data across database environments, file shares, unstructured data lakes and the people accessing them? What’s your view into apps being developed for growth and those being consumed to move today’s business?

There are currently more endpoint devices than people in most companies. Do you know how many of those devices are accessing data and what they’re doing with that information?

Are you proactively mitigating threats or simply keeping pace?

Are you proactively mitigating threats or simply keeping pace?

Can you manage all data silos from a single source, as well as all users and privileged accounts accessing those silos?

Are you securing corporate apps at the pace of DevOps, and can you command and control data sharing across all the apps you need for a borderless business?

Can you patch, patrol and apply automated policies from on-premises to IoT that react instinctively to attacks?

Is control continuous or a constant commotion?

Is control continuous or a constant commotion?

Can you “set and forget” baseline security protocols across all data environments?

Can you preload apps to meet data sharing compliance requirements and prevent data bleeds between corporate and consumer apps?

Do you have persistent patching at the speed of threats? Are you ready for same-day OS updates on mobile?

Safeguard your data, apps and endpoints

IBM Security solutions to protect critical assets

Intelligently visualize assets, proactively mitigate threats and gain continuous control.

Data security solutions

Gain visibility, command and continuous control across disparate data sources and file repositories with:

Application security solutions

Design apps in accelerated cycles with a security first approach. See, secure and launch apps in less time.

Endpoint security solutions

Secure servers to IoT with continuous patching, over the air access to corporate resources and confidently meet compliance as you digitally transform.

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Data security

With IBM® Security Guardium®, an end-to-end data security and compliance solution, you can protect your organization’s sensitive data from a complex and evolving threat landscape.

App security

With IBM Application Security, manage and reduce risk in your application portfolio, enhance your security preparedness and mitigate your open-source risk.

Endpoint security

Discover, define, assess and act on mobile threats to the enterprise on IBM MaaS360® with Watson™

Resources to help protect critical assets


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IBM solutions to help protect your data, apps and endpoints.


Three steps you can take to protect your critical assets.

*Source: "2018 Digital Trust Survey Report," Information Security Media Group (ISMG)