Why IBM Z for transaction processing?

Mainframes excel at transaction processing. IBM mainframes can perform far beyond distributed servers and can process huge volumes of transactions faster, more securely and more reliably.


Near 100% availability and built for transaction volumes – to take Black Fridays in stride

Easily extensible through Restful APIs to modern interfaces

Mixed language interoperability from COBOL to Java

Featured products


The leading application server software family for IBM Z, supporting traditional and modern language.


The most secure, highest performing and lowest cost hierarchical database manager for OLTP


Create, connect and port applications on platforms such as IBM Z and Bluemix with the dedicated Java Enterprise Edition


Discover the operating system designed to manage extreme transaction volumes

Customer success

“Our 90-day development cycles require enormous flexibility… The maturity of IMS makes it the ideal platform for achieving this speed to market.”

– Jay Prag, CIO Hogan Channels, First National Bank

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Enterprise application serving

IBM Z offers a family of enterprise application servers, as well as connectors and tools, to provide industrial-strength, online transaction management in a secure, scalable and cost-efficient environment.