Mainframe operating systems

A variety of sophisticated operating systems run on IBM mainframes – the secure, resilient and agile platform for integrating into your hybrid cloud strategy

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Hybrid cloud requires OS flexibility

IBM® Z® mainframes run on z/OS®, Linux®, z/VM®, z/VSE® and z/TPF, with multiple operating systems often running on a single mainframe. Each OS’ unique characteristics bring the security, resiliency and agility of the mainframe platform to your hybrid cloud.


Benefits Explore Z platform benefits Build for cloud Unleash the power of your developers to rapidly launch new services for hybrid multicloud. Protect data Keep data protected and encrypted across your enterprise and hybrid multicloud environment. Stay resilient Gain availability and flexibility to meet workload demands regardless of your capacity needs.


Infrastructure services for IBM Z

Our technical consultants can help you design, build, and implement the foundation of a smart enterprise on highly available z/OS, z/VM, KVM and Linux infrastructure solutions.

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Mainframe hardware

Explore systems designed to extend data privacy, security and resiliency to any hybrid cloud.

Mainframe software

Find the software you need for hybrid cloud, DevOps agility, application modernization, AIOps and more.