IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility
The leading transaction processor for high-volume transactions in a real-time environment
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The IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) system is a high availability operating system designed to provide quick response times to high volumes of messages from large networks of terminals and workstations.

z/TPF was once known as the Airline Control Program (ACP). It is still used by airlines and has been extended for other large systems with high-speed, high-volume transaction processing requirements.

A typical z/TPF system handles several hundred messages per second. A typical network varies from several hundred terminals and workstations to tens of thousands.

The response time of the z/TPF system within a network is typically less than three seconds from the time that the user sends a message to the time the user receives a response to that message. High availability is enhanced by the ability to quickly restart the system; restarting after a system failure takes between 30 seconds and two minutes.

Mainframe z/TPF Application Modernization with Hybrid Cloud

Discover how to modernize z/TPF applications faster at lower cost and at less risk by using IBM Z® and public cloud solutions together in your modernization journey.

Benefits Consistent speed

High throughput while maintaining fast, consistent responses, even during unpredictable transaction peaks. 

High availability

Centralized, consistent, secure and highly available database processing allowing for 24-hour, 7-day a week operation.

Hybrid cloud connection

z/TPF connects to other parts of your hybrid multi-cloud architecture by using industry-standard methods for both core services and data, including REST, HTTP, MQ, MongoDB and Kafka.

Cost efficient

Lowest cost per transaction with efficient use of resources, such as main storage and file storage.

Open-ended capacity growth

Allows for coupling as many as 32 multiprocessor z/Architecture® configurations with only a minimal increase in system overhead and expandable database capacity by adding DASD.

Secure system

z/TPF supports pervasive encryption, allowing you to protect data flowing across the network, stored on disk and cached in memory, by using hardware-accelerated strong cipher suites.

z/TPF product family

IBM z/TPF product family consists of operating system, foundational software, a PC-based application and a toolkit for the development of IBM z/TPF applications.

z/TPF Enterprise Edition

IBM z/TPF Enterprise Edition is an operating system designed to provide availability for high-volume, near real-time transaction processing for mission-critical applications.

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z/Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility (z/TPFDF)

z/TPFDF is a database manager that increases programmer productivity by providing centralized database routines and allowing high-speed access to persistent data with a simple application interface.

Using z/TPFDF, programmers need to understand only the logical relationships of data, not its physical characteristics.

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TPF Operations Server

A console automation and enhancement application for the administration and maintenance of IBM z/TPF.

TPF Operations Server runs outside the z/TPF complex and allows you to monitor multiple IBM z/TPF systems from a single workstation, automate operational tasks and diagnose problems quickly and accurately.

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TPF Toolkit

An Eclipse-based development environment that can edit, compile and debug IBM TPF applications.

TPF Toolkit uses a graphical user interface from a workstation with easy-to-use tools and wizards that are integrated and powerful, yet easy to use and easy to customize.

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Technical details
z/TPF system and z/TPFDF

The z/TPF system and z/TPFDF product are corequisite products and therefore you must install both products. Review the operating environment requirements and planning information to help you get started with z/TPF system and z/TPFDF.

Explore the requirements
TPF Operations Server requirements

Establish that your TPF Operations Server performs correctly by creating the required operating environment. Explore the machine and programming requirements.

TPF Toolkit planning checklists

Make TPF Toolkit available by establishing an installation and update mechanism and customizing TPF Toolkit to meet the needs of your organization.

Resources Updates to IBM Semeru Runtime for z/TPF

Get updates to IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/TPF to address various product security vulnerabilities.

z/TPF system usage scenario

Learn about identifying trends in resource usage on the z/TPF system by using name-value pair collection and runtime metrics collection.

z/TPFDF tutorials

Explore different tutorials for planning and designing a database, map tables and code macros.

TPF Toolkit tutorial

Familiarize yourself with the core features of TPF Toolkit. The tutorial will cover using the TPF Toolkit to develop z/TPF applications.

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