What is a data lake?

Data lakes are next-generation hybrid data management solutions that can meet big data challenges and drive new levels of real-time analytics. Their highly scalable environment can support extremely large data volumes and accept data in its native format from a wide variety of data sources. Data lakes can help break down silos, enabling organizations to gain 360-degree views of information and conduct cross-department, office or regional analytics. They also enable adoption of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).


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Unify data from more sources and formats

Secure and enterprise-ready, Apache Hadoop distribution powers near real-time applications and analytics — on premises or in the cloud. Deploy, integrate and analyze massive volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

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Federate and query virtually any data

The highly scalable, enterprise-grade SQL for Hadoop concurrently exploits Apache Hive, HBase and Spark, using a single query or database connection that reduces latency and supports ad hoc and complex queries.

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Drive machine learning and advanced analytics

Create new analytic models quickly and easily in a collaborative environment. Build and train machine-learning models and prepare and analyze data in a flexible hybrid cloud environment.

IBM and Hadoop capabilities

IBM and Cloudera, better together

Improve data discovery, testing, ad hoc and near real-time queries, supporting predictive and prescriptive analytics for today’s AI. Use a single ecosystem of products and services benefiting from the combined IBM and Cloudera collaboration and investment in the open source community.

Ladder to AI with IBM and Red Hat

Build your enterprise-grade, open AI data and analytic platform, harnessing machine learning and disparate data to drive better data-driven decisions. Benefit from industry-leading security and portability across your hybrid and multicloud environment when accessing, storing and exploring data.


Streamline data preparation

Streamline data preparation and access

Reduce the time and cost spent on data preparation in a data lake that stores data in its original format. Use semi and unstructured data and provide users with the tools for real-time, self-service access necessary to drive AI and IoT.

Reduce IT and warehouse costs

Reduce IT and warehouse costs

Use commodity hardware when building your data lake to drive unlimited scalability and decrease capital expenditures. Save additional costs when using the data lake as a repository for older data that would otherwise take up capacity in a more expensive data warehouse.

Improve data-driven decisions with Data Lake

Improve data-driven decisions

Federate and analyze data from more sources for deeper insights and more accurate results. Data lake governance features help ensure data is relevant and trustworthy. Coupled with real-time analytics and AI capabilities, the data lake allows your organization to seize new opportunities as they unfold.


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