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Hybrid cloud storage for portable workloads

IBM® Storage for hybrid cloud empowers you to deploy cloud architectures on-premises and extend them seamlessly to public cloud environments. Stop maintaining and start innovating by taking control of your hybrid cloud environments. Make IT more agile, scalable, secure, efficient and cost effective for your portable workloads.

Application modernization initiatives have become increasingly prominent across the modern business landscape, and organizations have needed to modernize their infrastructures accordingly and look for cost-effective storage solutions both on-premises and cloud-based. One of the major challenges is the pricing with cloud storage services, as cloud providers charge based on the amount of data storage space used. However, organizations can minimize pricing by implementing data lifecycle management policies to prevent excessive accumulation of backup data in the cloud.

Benefits Flexibility and scalability

IBM Storage enables organizations to deploy hybrid cloud architectures on-premises, extending seamlessly to private and public cloud environments. This flexibility allows businesses to quickly scale resources in response to changing demands and traffic spikes.

Enhanced security

IBM Storage optimizes storage infrastructure, enhancing efficiency in a cost-effective manner. Advanced storage solutions optimize data placement, reduce storage footprint and improve overall resource efficiency, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved return on investment.

Improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness

IBM Storage helps organizations optimize their storage infrastructure, leading to improved efficiency in a cost-effective manner. By using advanced storage solutions, businesses can optimize data placement, reduce storage footprint and improve overall resource efficiency. This results in reduced operational costs and improved return on investment.


Orchestrate data on Red Hat OpenShift

Deploy your hybrid cloud on an agile architecture that supports persistent and ephemeral storage for Red Hat® OpenShift®. Get full data and workload portability for your hybrid and multicloud environments.

Explore IBM Storage Fusion IBM Storage Fusion

Software-defined storage solution with flexible deployment options, which are designed as the data orchestration layer for Red Hat OpenShift environments.

IBM Storage Fusion HCI System

Purpose-built hardware delivery method for Red Hat OpenShift applications that facilitates faster deployments.

Flash Storage

Get market-leading performance, efficiency and cyber resilience while streamlining complexity across all environments.

Explore all IBM Storage FlashSystem arrays IBM Storage FlashSystem 5045

Software-defined storage solution with flexible deployment options, which are designed as the data orchestration layer for Red Hat OpenShift environments.

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IBM Storage FlashSystem 5200

A stunning enterprise-grade all-flash array cyberstorage offering with the greatest performance and capacity in a single rack unit.

View product
IBM Storage FlashSystem 7300

Powerful performance, expansive all-flash storage capacity and extensive connectivity without compromising resiliency.

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IBM Storage FlashSystem 9500

Enterprise-class all NVMe flash cyber storage platform for performance and capacity intensive workloads.

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Use Cases
Virtual machines on Red Hat OpenShift

IBM Fusion seamlessly integrates Windows and Linux VMs, enabling users to harness the benefits of containerization. This integration ensures data resilience and performance within virtualized infrastructures, optimizing application deployment processes and efficient data management in a hybrid cloud environment.

Multi-cluster support

IBM Fusion enables the creation of multiple OpenShift clusters within a single on-premises appliance, tailoring each cluster to specific workloads for reduced overall cost. It provides a unified view and control of clusters, enabling consistent deployment, monitoring and secure applications across the entire infrastructure. Clusters can be provisioned in as little as 30 minutes.

watsonx.data™ support

IBM Fusion accelerates AI workloads with watsonx.data and modernizes infrastructure with Red Hat OpenShift and on-premises data services. It delivers essential compute and acceleration for running queries, along with backup, disaster recovery, data cataloging, scalable performance and built-in security. With watsonx.data on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Fusion provides a comprehensive solution for cost-effective innovation.

    Storage data analytics

    Faster storage analytics, faster time to insight. Process your data and gain deeper insights at lightning speed and with less latency, whether on-premises or in the cloud, using tools built with Flash Storage analytics.

    Storage sustainability

    Invest in energy-efficient, high-speed, dense data storage that makes a difference. FlashSystem devices use IBM FlashCore® Modules with computational storage compression capabilities providing storage consolidation and power supply efficiency differentiation. As your data grows, ensure that your energy shrinks.

    Lights out data center

    View all your data in one place in real time and rely on AI-driven data tiering. Powered by IBM Storage Virtualize software, FlashSystem makes it easy to manage and store data across all systems while modernizing your legacy storage capabilities.

    More cyber resilience

    Recover data quickly and without interruption in the event of a cyberattack. IBM Storage FlashSystem uses IBM Safeguarded Copy and IBM Cyber Vault to create air-gapped copies of data and restore production fast.

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    Outperforming businesses

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    Modern data storage for a new era of IT

    Learn how COVID has accelerated the move to hybrid cloud and containers and the advantages of IBM Storage for these new environments.

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