If your organization is collecting, analyzing or sharing personal data, you need to protect the privacy of data in your trust throughout its lifecycle. It’s not just good business practice, although breached data can pose a brand issue. You need to comply with the growing number of global data privacy laws such as GDPR, and reduce the overall security risks of exposure to your company with the appropriate policies and governance.


Build and guard trust

Protect brand image, reputation and client trust.

Meet regulatory compliance

Comply with complex local, national and global regulations and requirements.

Manage business better

Guide privacy policies, statements and operating procedures.

Reduce department silos

Align business lines, security, HR, legal, IT and management.

IBM® data privacy services capabilities

The Privacy Office

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The Privacy Office

Establish a critical, centralized function to help manage risk


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Assessments and gap remediation

Determine readiness for GDPR and other regulations

Strategy and plans

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Strategy and plans

Develop strategies and standards for the privacy office

Data maps

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Data maps and flow charts

See how personal data moves inside the enterprise and out

Vendor management

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Vendor management

Manage risk and obligations with third parties

Audit support

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Audit support

IBM experts help you prepare for audits

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Critical data protection

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GDPR brief

Learn more about protected data in your enterprise, and how IBM Data Privacy Services can help you reduce privacy risks.

Data privacy best practices

Experts discuss CCPA and other data privacy regulations and shared best practices.

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1touch.io Inventa™

IBM Security™ and 1touch.io have partnered to bring you data discovery for privacy and security.

Comprehensive data protection

IBM Security™ Guardium® software provides advanced data security that’s integrated and scalable.

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