What is Cloud Activity Tracker?

Activity Tracker records events, compliant with CADF standard, triggered by user-initiated activities that change the state of a service in the cloud. See, manage, and analyze your cloud actions.

Cloud Activity Tracker features

Monitor IBM Cloud activity

From the IBM Cloud console, use the Activity Tracker UI dashboard to monitor your service. View and filter event data for the last 24 hours.

Perform analysis with Kibana

Use Kibana to create and share dynamic dashboards that display data in various formats, such as charts, tables, and maps.

Access to audit trails

Download events that you can then use to generate an audit trail report.

Cloud Activity Tracker benefits

Monitor security breaches

Capture user and application interactions with your provisioned IBM Cloud resources. Investigate possible security breaches or unauthorized access.

Achieve regulatory needs

Store captured events as long as you require, safe guarded on cloud class economical storage solutions. Query your collected event data via API or export your cloud activity data.

Cloud transparency for DevOps

Cloud activity events provide transparency into your IT operations on the IBM Cloud. Identify when and how your services are used to isolate and debug your applications.

Get started on Cloud Activity Tracker in minutes

Complete the getting started tutorial and learn to use Activity Tracker to monitor activity in your IBM Cloud account.