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Data quality solutions from IBM

Trusted data is the foundation of good business decisions. IBM offers data quality solutions that help to optimize the key dimensions of data quality: accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness validity, and uniqueness. 

These robust data quality tools help you to  identify, understand and correct data flaws to drive better decision making and governance.

DataOps ensures that data quality is preserved to meet all your business goals across a business-ready data pipeline. By implementing a data quality solution from IBM, your organization can enhance data integrity to get the most from your informational assets.

Now available: watsonx.governance

Accelerate responsible, transparent and explainable AI workflows for both generative AI and machine learning models

IBM acquires Manta to complement data and AI governance capabilities

Try to scale AI workloads, for all your data, anywhere

See why IBM is a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions
Introducing DataStage as a Service Anywhere - execute ETL and ELT Pipelines in any Cloud, Data Center or On-premises. 
Benefits of data quality Act on a trusted view

Govern your data and accurately target customers for cross-sell.

Support data governance

Manage diverse data across its lifecycle and optimize ROI.

Modernize systems

Consolidate applications and automate processes to reduce cost.

Data quality tools Turn your data into trusted information
Turn data into trusted information. Continuously cleanse data and monitor its quality.
Create and monitor data quality
Maintain an accurate view of entities such as customer, location, vendor and product.
Improve Hadoop data quality
Get a rich set of data capabilities for Apache Hadoop big-data storage clusters.
Intelligent data cataloging
Find business data, curate it, categorize it, govern it, analyze it and share it.
Detect and resolve data incidents fast
Alert, respond, and resolve all your data incidents in one location with data observability.
Data quality case study
Flagstar Bank David Abayev, Data Quality Architect at Flagstar Bank, describes the strategy to modernize information architecture. Flagstar Bank David Abayev, Data Quality Architect at Flagstar Bank, describes the strategy to modernize information architecture. Watch the video (1:47)

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