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Deliver trustworthy and reliable data with continuous data observability

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IBM® Databand® is observability software for data pipelines and warehouses that automatically collects metadata to build historical baselines, detect anomalies and triage alerts to remediate data quality issues.

It’s estimated that we create roughly 33 quintillion bytes of data each day1 (that’s 18 zeros for those counting). This influx of data has created challenges for data-driven organizations, largely because they are not fully prepared for today’s volume of data, the variety of data sources and the complex infrastructure.

IBM Databand is trusted by modern data teams to deliver more reliable and trustworthy data for their business. From broken data pipelines to data quality issues at-rest in your warehouse, Databand’s continuous data observability platform helps detect data incidents earlier, resolve them faster and deliver more trustworthy data to the business.

How it works:

1. Collect: Databand automatically collects metadata to gain immediate visibility, so data platform teams have a standard method for customized data quality validations.

2. Baseline: Next, Databand builds historical baselines based on common run and data behaviors, essentially profiling the data pipeline landscape.

3. Alert: Once the historical baseline is established, Databand alerts on anomalies and rules based on deviations relative to the profile and/or rule breaches.

4. Remediate: Lastly, Databand allows you to create smart communication workflows to remediate data quality issues and keep data deliveries on track.

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Solution brief

Read the IBM Data Observability by Databand solution brief

Interactive demo tour Try an interactive product tour of Databand to see how easy it is to create and debug data incident alerts and get started with dashboards and reports. Check out the interactive demo tour Create an incident alert

Learn how to create and customize a data pipeline duration alert for real time detection and notification when a run is delayed. 

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Debug & resolve an alert

Learn how to assess a detected anomalous pipeline run, quickly drill into failed tasks and investigate the root cause. 

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Analyze reports & dashboards

Learn about the powerful managerial tools available to understand the operational health across all pipelines and keep them running smoothly. 

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Benefits Detect incidents earlier

Pinpoint unknown data incidents and reduce mean time to detection (MTTD) from days to minutes.

Resolve errors faster

Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) from weeks to hours with incident alerting and real-time routing.

Improve data reliability

Guarantee data delivery service level agreements (SLAs) by providing visibility into pipeline quality issues.

IBM named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions
Features Data incident management

Go from simply observing data incidents to resolving them fast. Databand lets you manage everything from a single pane of glass so you can see, respond and resolve all your data incidents without delay.  

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Data pipeline monitoring

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of data pipelines, no one likes surprises. Databand helps detect missing operations, failed jobs and run durations so you can handle pipeline growth like a pro.

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Data quality monitoring

Tired of losing your data team’s confidence by delivering bad data? With Databand, monitor and alert on data SLAs, unexpected column changes and null records… before they reach your consumers.

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Data anomaly detection

The worst data incidents are the unknown kind. Databand uses automated anomaly detection, so you aren’t surprised when data pipelines take too long or data values change unexpectedly.

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Data lineage and impact analysis

Break silos and get the whole data story with end-to-end data lineage. Databand’s data lineage and impact analysis helps you understand the impact of data incidents on upstream and downstream data flows.

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Case studies
The Weather Company The Weather Company has moved toward being a data-first organization. This means working with data on ML use cases for customer advertising, personalization and health condition predictions. See how one data team improved their ML engineering practices with data observability. Read the case study
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Detect incidents sooner, resolve incidents faster and guarantee your data SLAs with a Databand pricing plan that fits your needs.

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This research brief, written by The Futurum Group, analyzes how data teams can better understand and scale quality and reliable data across an enterprise with the right data quality platform.

2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions

Discover why IBM is named a Leader for the 17th time in a row in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions.

Demo hub

Watch the demo videos series to learn about data observability and different integrations.

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