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Drive faster insights by delivering a comprehensive view of an entity’s data and relationships across the enterprise data fabric
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Master data management software for enterprise

Enterprises are challenged with consolidating, and providing centralized access to data across organizational silos and workflows. They require a single source of truth for multi-domain data including customer, product and location data for successful AI, machine learning and business intelligence initiatives, and to facilitate data governance and regulatory compliance.

Master data management (MDM) meets this challenge by providing the ability to intelligently connect and match associated records to create accurate entities across multi-domain sources, then efficiently determines relationships between the data records. By delivering access to accurate views of master data and their relationships, MDM solutions enables faster insights, improved data quality and compliance readiness.

With access to complete and accurate picture of data about an entity and their relationships, MDM software delivers business and IT users with the right data to derive business intelligence and reduce business process inefficiencies, improve customer experience, proactively identify and mitigate risks and ultimately improve business decision-making.

IBM acquires Manta to complement data and AI governance capabilities.
IBM named a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Augmented Data Quality Solutions
Why IBM Master Data Management? IBM® Master Data Management provides a single, trusted 360-degree view of data across the enterprise. With IBM MDM you can:

Enable your teams to have quick access to the critical data they need across customers, products, organizations, households and more.

Get the right data to your users and reduce time-to-market with robust pre-built data models.

Reduce administrative burden and improve matching accuracy using built-in machine learning algorithms.

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Cloud Pak for Data
Master data management benefits Automation of record matching

ML-powered self-service matching delivers trusted, unified views of master data across disparate, multi-domain sources.

Improved data governance

Facilitate regulatory compliance by helping maintain accurate and consistent records of critical data.

Improved data quality

Boost data quality by deduplicating data and improving accuracy of master data.

Faster insights

Provision, share and connect master data for deeper analysis and enhanced insights.

Self-service access

An easy-to-use experience intended for business users to encourage exploration at their own pace and to get the data they need, at the right time.

Highly performant and scalable

Proven to scale and perform with production deployments at many Fortune 500 companies as well as large clients across industries.

Capabilities of IBM Master Data Management tools Powerful data matching

Leverage automation to match associated records across multi-domain data sources to create accurate, 360-degree view of entities.

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Relationships between data records

A highly performant and accurate tool to understand the relationship between records.

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Advanced stewardship

Easily provide the reasoning for why entities were matched, and remediate issues through automated workflows.

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Product and service information management

Creates an accurate and up-to-date repository of service and product data.

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Seamless integration with IBM Data fabric

Simplify access to data by leveraging IBM’s data integration and data governance capabilities as part of your data management strategy.

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Master data management solutions Explore 360-degree views

Self-serve and ML-powered data matching capabilities to help business users gain a trusted, unified view of customer and enterprise data across internal and external sources.

Enhance data quality with comprehensive and centralized insights

Manage enterprise-wide master data for single or multiple data domains, including customers, suppliers, products, accounts and more across all MDM implementation styles.

Accurate repository of product and services information

Provides product information management and collaborative master data management capabilities.

Master data management case studies The Health Collaborative

Created a single accurate record for each of the nine million individuals in their healthcare network using an IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management solution.

Master data management resources Customer 360 for data leaders

Learn how data leaders can build a 360-degree views of customers by breaking down data silos with a data fabric architecture.

MDM on Cloud

Learn about centralizing MDM in the cloud with multiple cloud deployment options and subscription-based pricing.

Product information management

Create a single repository of product and service information and use it throughout the enterprise.

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