The Lite plan gets you started with 500 minutes per month at no cost. When you upgrade to a paid plan, you will get access to Customization capabilities. Lite plan services are deleted after 30 days of inactivity.

Features Pricing
500 Minutes per Month Free

Plus - NEW!

The Plus Plan provides access to all base language models, hands-on training capabilities, and transcript features. Pricing tiers are based on aggregate minutes used per month, and there is no additional charge for creating and using custom models.

Features Tiers Pricing
  • Unlimited Minutes Per Month
  • 1 - 999,999
  • 1,000,000+
  • $0.02 USD/Minutes
  • $0.01 USD/Minutes
Up to 100 concurrent transcriptions.

Premium - NEW!

The Premium Plan provides the same features and benefits of using the Plus Plan, but with significantly greater capacity for concurrent transcriptions streams as well as enhanced security features to ensure that your data is isolated and encrypted end-to-end while in transit and at rest.

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Up to 500 concurrent transcriptions streams to start with the option to add more. Plus data isolation and enhanced security features like service endpoints, bring your own key, mutual authentication and HIPAA-readiness.
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Get started on Watson Speech to Text in minutes

By using our out-of-the-box language models, we give developers the tools to train and customize the service to learn the language of your business.