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IBM Watson® Speech Libraries for Embed are containerized text-to-speech and speech-to-text libraries designed to offer our IBM partners greater flexibility to infuse the best of IBM Research® technology into their solutions. Now available as embeddable AI, partners gain greater capabilities to build voice transcription and voice synthesis applications more quickly and deploy them in any hybrid multicloud environment.

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IBM Watson Speech to Text Library for Embed Watson Speech to Text (STT) Library uses containerized text-to-speech and speech-to-text libraries to provide our IBM partners with accuracy out-of-the box. With advanced training techniques and customization tools, tailor the models for your specific domain. Sign up for a free speech-to-text trial Start a free speech-to-text guided trial

Watson Text to Speech Library for Embed Watson Text to Speech (TTS) Library converts written text into natural-sounding voice in a variety of languages for real-time speech synthesis. Sign up for a free text-to-speech trial Start a free text-to-speech guided trial

Build with IBM natural language AI Access a suite of speech capabilities with greater flexibility to build and deploy solutions on-premises or on any cloud, in the runtime environment of your choice. Flexible and extensible

IBM natural language AI containerized libraries are fit for purpose and provide stable APIs with dynamic implementation for interoperability across models. 

Run anywhere

Deploy and run your applications on any hybrid multicloud in the container environment of your choice: local Docker platform, Kubernetes or serverless containers.

Use cases

Customer service Automate self-service actions and answers using live audio transcription and text conversion.
Agent assist Capture discussions between callers and agents with Watson Speech real-time transcription.
Speech analytics Transcribe audio recordings of discussions between callers using Watson Speech for post-call transcription.

E-learning Transcribe text into natural sounding audio to facilitate e-learning and new language learning practices.

Accessibility Offer audio options to support users with visual impairments, dyslexia or literacy issues.

Subscription pricing
Usage blocks List Price

Speech to Text Library for Embed

125,000 minutes per month

USD 1125 per month

Text to Speech Library for Embed

12,500,000 characters per month

USD 125 per month

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Accelerate your business growth as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) by innovating with IBM. Partner with us to deliver enhanced commercial solutions embedded with AI to better address clients’ needs.

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