Continuous Relevancy Training

Discovery learns the most relevant answers, automatically, over time. Eliminate the time and effort to manually train relevancy with automatic learning from actual user interactions and data.

Passage retrieval

Passage retrieval identifies the most likely and relevant snippets based on your query, and uses intelligent scoring algorithms to rank the passages.

Document Similarity

Document Similarity allows Discovery to analyze and understand the most important aspects of the document to find textually similar documents in your database.


Domain expertise

Empower domain subject-matter experts to teach Watson the language of specific industries without deep technical or coding skills. Enable custom document enrichment to suit your enterprise needs. 

Connecting to data sources

Connect to a data source and Discovery ingests structured and unstructured data, including private, licensed, or public data. Sources include Box, Salesforce, Microsoft, SharePoint Online and more.

Deploy AI anywhere

With Watson Discovery for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, it can run in anywhere – on premises, any private, public, or hybrid-multicloud – enabling businesses to apply AI to data wherever it resides.

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