AI that speaks the language of your business

Watson Discovery features are powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.


Watson Discovery document structure interface

Understands your document structure

Smart Document Understanding (SDU) is a visual machine learning tool that enables users to label text to build an understanding of critical components inside your enterprise documents (headers, footers, tables, etc.). Annotate a few pages of your documents, and SDU will self-learn the rest. SDU ensures that answers and information retrieval only comes from relevant content.

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Text mining demonstration

Surfaces insights with text mining

Content mining uses natural language processing to understand context and relationships in text. Content Mining searches across your documents and surfaces patterns, trends, anomalies, and the evolution of elements in your content in real-time.

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NLP interface

Delivers passages as answers

Traditional enterprise search engines perform keyword search and provide end-users with links to documents. With Watson Discovery, when you ask a question our semantic search and crawler delivers a few passages that possess the most relevant information and their source documents. All of the information you need is easily accessible.