Support plans: custom expertise for your business

Basic support

Account type: Included with Lite,
Paygo and Subscription accounts.
Best for: Lite accounts,
non-production environments
High-severity support: No
Technical account manager: No
Language: English
Monthly price: USD 0

Advanced support

Account type: Included with Cloud
Dedicated and Local environments.
Contact sales to upgrade your
Public Support.
Best for: Production environments
and limited business-critical
High-severity support: Yes
Technical account manager: No
Languages: English, Japanese
Monthly price: Starting at USD 200
per month

Premium support

Account type: Contact sales to
upgrade from your environment’s
current support.
Best for: Mission-critical
environments with strategic
business dependence
High-severity support: Yes
Technical account manager: Yes
Languages: English, Japanese
Monthly price: Starting at
USD 10,000 per month

Create a support ticket in three easy steps

Step 1

To report an issue, log in and open
a support ticket

If you are unable to log in to your
account, visit this page and click on "Can't Log In?" in the lower-right corner.

Step 2

Indicate the support severity.

Step 3

To upgrade your account to paid
Advanced or Premium support,
contact us.

Free support resources and communities

IBM Cloud has a number of different free support resources and communities.
Connect, learn, share and use our products to their full potential for your

IBM Cloud central documentation
and learning hub

Community answers to thousands
of questions

Code, videos and other chatter on
hundreds of repositories

IBM Cloud's active community of
developers trading ideas and