What is Cloud Schematics?

IBM Cloud Schematics enables developers, architects, and DevOps teams to use Infrastructure as Code to create, share, discover, and use cloud resources in a way that is automated, repeatable, orderly, and secure.

Cloud Schematics features


Configurations are source-controlled files that let you define your cloud infrastructure as code (IaC). You can use configurations to provision resources, such as a Kubernetes cluster or DNS record, as well as define the parameters of each individual resource.


Environments manage configurations and cloud resources. Each environment can have a unique set of variables, which allows the environments to be different, but still have the same base Terraform configuration.


Terraform is an open-source tool by HashiCorp and is the underlying IaC engine used by Schematics. Use GitHub to version your environment configurations.

How customers use it

Automate deployment of environments using Infrastructure as Code

In this tutorial, you will use a provided template in Schematics to provision a Linux virtual server, with Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP server (LAMP stack). You will then configure the template to add an Object Storage service and scale the resources to tune the environment (memory, CPU and disk size). Finish by deleting all of the resources created by the configuration.

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Use Schematics to Automate the Deployment of a LAMP Stack Environment

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