IBM Cloud® Schematics provides automation by offering declarative terraform templates to accommodate a desired state. IBM provides native integration with Red Hat® Ansible to extend configuration management, or provisioning to software and apps along with integrations with other IBM Cloud Services.

Use cases

Automate IBM Cloud resources

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Automate IBM Cloud resources

With Terraform-as-a-Service, DevOps teams can use a high-level configuration language to model the resources they want in their cloud environment and enable Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Automate configuration management

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Automate configuration management

With IBM Cloud Schematics actions, you can specify the Ansible playbook that you want to run against one or more IBM Cloud resources. The playbook includes all the tasks, roles, policies, or steps you would like to run.

Enable continuous delivery

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Enable continuous delivery

IBM Cloud Schematics treats infrastructure the same way as application code, so DevOps core practices such as version control, testing, continuous integration and deployment can also be automated.



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