Protect data across the compute lifecycle

Confidential computing protects sensitive data by performing computation in a hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE). IBM Cloud® goes beyond confidential computing by protecting data across the entire compute lifecycle. You gain a higher level of privacy assurance with complete authority over your data at rest, in transit and in use.


Continuously innovate by accelerating your cloud adoption journey and taking a security-first approach.

Protect your CI/CD pipeline from bad actors with technical assurance. No one can access your data, not even IBM.

Get complete authority over your data. Get the highest level of Key Management protection through the FIPS 1402 Level 4 HSM.

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Take exclusive control of encryption keys in a single-tenant key management system with hardware security modules (HSM).

IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect Virtual Servers

Gain complete authority over Linux®-based virtual servers for workloads with sensitive data and business IP in the cloud.

IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect DBaaS

Provision, manage, maintain and monitor databases, including MongoDB and PostgreSQL, in a 100% tamper-proof environment.

IBM® Secure Execution for Linux

Isolate workloads at granularity, scale and protect them from cyber threats through a trusted execution environment (TEE).

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The basics of confidential computing

Learn about confidential computing and why it’s so important.

Video walk-through for use cases

Examine key use cases that reveal how confidential computing helps assure that your data is protected and confidential.

Introduction to Hyper Protect Services

Learn how IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect Services provide confidential computing solutions.

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