Forrester Research: The keys to innovating customer experience

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Forrester Research: The keys to innovating customer experience

“DevOps is about people first,” per a recent study by Forrester Research on DevOps-driven innovation.  Implicitly, at whatever velocity, a DevOps program that fails to innovate on customer experience is like running in place.

DevOps is about people first

 As customers engage with businesses through digital apps, DevOps teams must carefully review the data flowing from those engagements.  Sustaining engagement gets harder as the increasingly app-saturated culture evolves. Satisfying customer expectations is no longer enough; especially in highly competitive markets. Delighting users has become a necessity for meaningful differentiation.

While DevOps is about people first, the cycle of improving user experience would move much more slowly without cloud platforms and services. And automating operations sets the baseline for what DevOps velocity is possible.

In this webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Robert Stroud and IBM CTO Roland Barcia discuss details of DevOps processes and practices that successfully prioritize customer experience in every phase of work on applications—from design, development, and deployment to monitoring and analysis. Robert and Roland consider how, combined with DevOps practices and pipeline automation, microservices application patterns help with essential modernizing of existing applications and the architecting of new, cloud native ones.

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What you will gain:

  • How to attain speed and agility without sacrificing quality

  • How to fuse development and operations together to own and control the entire product life cycle

  • How to eliminate human error and enhance service quality through integrated automation

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