Use IBM Cloud CLI, Terraform, and Ansible to Install Software on Virtual Server Instances in a VPC

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A new tutorial on installing software on virtual server instances provisioned with IBM Cloud VPC on Classic.

Provisioning computing resources like virtual server instances is a means to an end. Ultimately, a common goal will be to solve a business problem—to provide end-users with an application to help them achieve their goals. But how do you get the application installed on the virtual servers? How do you make a reliable and repeatable process? How do you automate the provisioning of such a solution?

To get you started, we added a new tutorial to the IBM Cloud documentation. The tutorial looks at how you can use tools like the IBM Cloud CLI, Terraform, and Ansible to automate a solution, from provisioning the infrastructure to validating that the installation works as expected, all within the context of a virtual private cloud.

Architecture Diagram

Architecture of the tutorial

The tutorial will also review the different origins where software can be found:

  1. The file system of a local workstation—using tools like Terraform to create the required infrastructure or Ansible, ssh, and scp to install and configure software on the virtual server instances.
  2. Fast mirrors of central repositories to update the operating systems or to install supported packages.
  3. Internet or intranet software repositories.

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